Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Taxes, Taxes, Beautiful Taxes

I'm printing out our tax forms and trying very hard to find a silver lining in having to write such a big check. "Well, I guess it's better to make enough money to have to pay taxes than to have nothing in the first place." Kind of a stretch, but I'm trying.

Maybe this will make us feel ownership over all the infrastructure improvements that our taxes are funding. Our very own freeway lane, perhaps, or more likely, our very own stop sign, considering construction costs these days.

Thanks for your comments on yesterday's post. It did occur to me that the term may or may not be offensive to someone, but since I'll never know until too late, I'll be more careful.
Q busts a move.

A follow-up story on how parents have little spies in our midst, always observing our actions and showing us exactly how we behave:

I was sitting next to Q at dinner a few days ago, when he decided he no longer liked green peppers. He carefully moved the vegetables, piece by piece, from his plate to mine while looking very solemnly at me. "Yum, mama!"

At two years of age, he's already marketing his dinner rejects. Great.


Kimberly said...

Heh. That Q is one smart little pepper.

Think of it as funding Q's education now. Does that help?

Mayberry said...

I was having the same little pep talk with myself the other day as I wrote our check. It didn't work too well.

Lara said...

he gets the gift of spin from you, of course. ;)

YF said...

omg. that yum mamma bit is the funniest... love it. very smart little q.

Lady M said...

Kimberly - good thought.

Mayberry - Big check. Sigh.

Lara - ;)

YF - Can't wait to hear what he has to say next!

Mamacita Tina said...

Crack me up! Ian use to do that with his lima beans.

K goose blog said...

I love the green pepper pass off. Funny!

Bummer about the taxes...