Sunday, April 29, 2007

Perhaps Netflix's Favorite Customer

It took me over two months to get around to watching The Devil Wears Prada, making the folks behind Netflix's business model very happy, I'm sure.

I used to think that if SwingDaddy and I each watched one movie per month, we were coming out ahead. We have the $16/month subscription plan, and two tickets at the theater certainly cost that much.

These days, between the increasing cost of movie tickets, some popcorn, and above all, babysitting, we're ahead if we watch two Netflix movies a year.

For the record, The Devil Wears Prada was terrific, and made me want to get my eyebrows shaped. And we watched Nanny McPhee this week, so we're totally on top of our Netflix game again. Written by and starring Emma Thompson, the Oscar-winning actress (Remains of the Day) and screenwriter (Sense and Sensibility), Nanny McPhee is a Victorianesque fairy tale about a father (Colin Firth) and his seven naughty children.

We listened to Emma's commentary, and I'm blown away by how witty and entertaining she is, just in ongoing conversation. She's definitely on the list of dream dinner party guests.

I remember reading her stories about the filming of Sense and Sensibility, Ang Lee's first English language picture. They were having trouble with the "vintage" sheep, a breed of animal that was selected for its appearance like sheep of the early 1800's, but so helpless that the poor creatures were unable to stand up by themselves, once they'd fallen over. Ang muttered, "Never again sheeps."

And of course, he went on to film and win an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain (which featured the leading men working as shepherds). Never say never!


Anonymous said...

that's our take on renting/buying dvd's...

16$ for tickets
10$ for popcorn
6$ for drinks
$$$ for babysiter
$$$ for gas

forget it...just buy it...or rent it.

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Mayberry said...

I really enjoyed Devil Wears Prada too.

"Never again sheeps" is excellent. I'm going to have to find a way to work that into conversation.

Mamacita Tina said...

If you liked the movie (Devil wears Prada), you'd probably enjoy the book even more.

I'm so out of touch with movies, I've never heard of Nanny McPhee. Sounds interesting though.

Sassy Belle said...

omg. "Never again sheeps" is my new tagline for anything I don't like.

I'm just imagining the poor sheep flopping over and Ang Lee being SO frustrated.

(Oh... I bought the ruffly purse. I am unconvinced it was a reasonable purchase as I feel sort've silly carrying it.)

Lady M said...

Daddy D - I hear ya!

Mayberry - The quote was from Emma Thompson's "Sense and Sensibility" diaries/screenplay book. It's full of similar wit.

Mamacita tina - It was pretty good. We didn't watch it with Q, but there aren't many scary parts, so it might be ok for the young'uns.

Sassy - yay, you got the purse! Enjoy.

binkytown said...

I know right- Ive had Casino Royale sitting on top of my tv for WEEKS. Plus if you fall asleep you can watch it later. Can't do that at a movie theater.