Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nemo, and Other Friends of Princess Sparklefairy

The little dude has pets. How did this happen? I came home from work this week and SwingDaddy said, "Show Mama what you have."

Q ran over to our kitchen table and exclaimed, "Fish!"

What? SwingDaddy explained that our nanny had arrived with a clear plastic container holding three tiny goldfish. She explained the next morning that along she and Q would feed them each day, along with caring for the tomato plant, and they would be a fun activity.

She told me not to overfeed the fish over the weekend, and I let her know that Q had already tried to dunk a lemon and then an apple into their bowl in an attempt to please them. Thankfully, I caught him first, because I can't imagine the trauma of being hit by a lemon when you're about the size of a paperclip. It'd be like a taxicab dropping out of the sky.

Q is very happy to look at the fishies, and while I'm distinctly not a pet-having person, they seem fairly manageable. We asked Q what he wanted to name them, and he said, "Nemo!" which was a reasonable call, given that two of them are mostly orange and the other has some orange spots.

Privately though, SwingDaddy and I both thought, "Princess Sparklefairy."

If you don't already read Solo Mom, you should see what Kimberly has to say about her daughters' first attempt at pet ownership and round two (Princess Sparklefairy 2.0). So far, we've had the trio for going on 60 hours now and they're still wriggling, but I'm a little worried they may not last a lot longer than their Canadian compatriots. Wish us luck.


Kimberly said...

Good luck :) But I strongly recommend just giving in and getting a cat. So much easier. Fish are hard. Just wait until he wants to share his toys!

(I find it hilarious that I seem to have coined a slang term for the disposable pet. Thanks for the giggle!)

Bon said...

i was amazed at you & hubs' taste in fish names until i clicked the link. i had a few Princess Sparklefairies myself, in my childhood...have to agree with Kim. cats remind you to feed them.

good luck!

Sandra said...

Fish are hard. I have killed 2 and had full funerals for them ... we are taking a pet break for a while. I love that photo of him ... so cute.

Lara said...

we had three attempts at fish, and my mom accidentally killed them all three times: once in an attempt to change their water, once when she overfed them, and once when she broke the filter and they suffocated in their own filth. i'm sure you won't do anything so awful to these little guys. ;)

also, i'd love to come feed the fish with bubs sometime.

kittenpie said...

the joy of goldfish? Is that thye are CHEAP! And readily available should you need replacement at odd hours...

What a nice thing for him and the nanny to do together, though, raise tomatoes and fishes. I love that!

Long live the fishes!

And what about some orange-related names like Pumpkin and Squash and Pylon and Flare and Blaze and, um, hunting vest? Ahem. Maybe not.

Lady M said...

Thank you for all the advice and naming suggestions. At press time, they are collectively "Nemo" and still alive. :0

Damsel said...

Best wishes for you and the fishes. (ha!)

(And, yes, "fishes" is a word - used scientifically as the plural of "fish" so as to be less confusing.)

Your nanny sounds fabulous!