Monday, April 16, 2007

Like Dodgeball, But For Weddings

Flashback: We didn't do a bouquet toss at our wedding, years ago, because we knew from previous reception attendance that our female friends would part like the Red Sea, and the flowers would fall into a sad little empty space on the floor. We talked about having "bouquet-ball," where we would try to peg people with the flowers, like in dodgeball. It seems much more timely now, with the popularity of adult dodgeball leagues, although it's a moot point since everyone seems much more interested in getting married.

Photo credit.


Girl con Queso said...

That might be the coolest wedding photo I've ever seen.

Sassy said...

that is an AWESOME wedding photo.

i wanna get married.


too bad there's no boy, yet...

Lady M said...

Thanks, GCQ and Sassy! We loved how the pictures turned out too. Wonderful day and very cool photographer.