Sunday, April 15, 2007

Is Mir Right? You Be the Judge

Last summer, I joined a table of strangers at BlogHer and discovered that I was sitting next to a childhood classmate – the lovely and talented Mir! She claims that I look exactly like I did when we were in fifth grade. I'm not sure I want to remember how I looked then, but Mir has kindly posted our class photo, plus many excellent images of herself from the 1970's. If I were only so brave.

In other news, Mama has totally scored on the kissing front. A few months ago, I would ask Q for a kiss, and if he was feeling cooperative, he'd press his cheek to my lips. I loved that for cuteness sake, but he's learned to kiss me the regular way! With perhaps a little more force than necessary (we're having a kind of head-butt kiss right now), but definitely moving along.

Last night, he was playing with a connector cable and pulling apart the two segments. He'd bring the pieces back to me, and I'd put them back together, in exchange for a kiss. The game did not get old for either of us.

Continuing our weekend round-up of randomness, we took Q to a concert tonight. A friend of Nanny J and her husband teaches at a nearby university, and we joined them for a faculty recital. We sat strategically near an exit in case we needed a fast retreat, but Q was incredibly well behaved, fascinated by the piano, viola, and clarinet. In fact, I was the one guilty of making the most noise, due to an unfortunately timed coughing fit.

On our way out of the music hall, SwingDaddy commented, "How many two year olds can sit quietly through a chamber music recital without being drugged?"
For those of you who eagerly await my regular sealife updates, I'd like to point out that Kate Spade is featuring lobsters on the spring line of handbags. Sadly, these are insufficiently cute to purchase, even if I was willing to shell out (ha!) $215 for a purse.

And last, Cirque du Soleil has a new show coming to the Bay Area next winter. I'm a total Cirque junkie, but this one worries me a little. Kooza seems to have a heavy emphasis on clowns, and I have a lifelong fear of clowns. The secret is out.


Lara said...

no way! i was just taking pictures of those purses for you this afternoon at the mall! but clearly you are quicker to notice sealife than i am. ;)

Bob said...

I looked at "Shoulda's" 5th grade photo and you looked the same as now. Must be mom's gene.
Q is on his way to appreciate orchestral music.

binkytown said...

Clowns- No. That bag? YES!

dancing dragon said...

Sounds like you have a musician in the making. It's nice to hear how you can already see his musical interest, as well as talent with the drumming. :)

Damsel said...

I'm SO with you on the bartering for kisses. For awhile, Jet would come to me pre-puckered if he had a request.

You can also string this out by claiming that he "missed!". I get loads of extra kisses and giggles by turning at the last minute so he "misses" and kisses my ear or my forehead or something.

Yay for little boy kisses! They're the best!

Mayberry said...

I just saw that picture over at Mir's and ITA that you look the same! Cute, that is.

Lady M said...

Lara and Binkytown - I can spot a lobster from 200 yards.

Dad - :)

Dancing Dragoon - we're hoping he'll keep liking music!

Damsel - I love the "missing" idea!

Mayberry - I look just like my mom too!