Monday, April 23, 2007

The Cash Fairy Visits

Have you ever pulled out your wallet to check if you have enough money for lunch and found an extra twenty there, instead of the four dollars you remembered having? Well, you may have been visited by the Cash Fairy.

SwingDaddy and I have a few goofy in-jokes, and this is one. When either of us goes to the ATM, we quietly put money in the other person's wallet too. Happy surprise! Other friends have commented that they are more familiar with the Cash Gremlin, who eats the cash in their household.

Yes, the picture is unrelated to the post, but I like it anyway.


Damsel said...

Ya'll can come over to my house anytime. I'd love to be visited by the cash fairy. :)

Lara said...

i remember that picture! :)

Bon said...

usually it's the other way in my wallet...perhaps your cash fairy is thefting from my pot!

lol. lovely picture.

Lady M said...

Damsel - We'll have to visit!

Lara - it was a beautiful day, wasn't it.

Bon - Cash Gremlins, certainly.