Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BlogHer '07 – Are You Going?

BlogHer '07 logo
I'm very tempted. Very, very tempted. Last year's BlogHer was terrific, even if I had to run out early to attend two weddings. I wasn't planning to go this summer, since the conference is far away in Chicago, and I'd have to leave SwingDaddy and Q for three or four days. However, I've been intrigued by the reports from BlogHer Business and am thinking hard. Will I know anyone there? Are you going?

In this week's tradition of tags, here's another one, although it doesn't come from Q.

SwingDaddy, returning home from seeing the movie, 300.
Lady M: How was it?
SwingDaddy: It was a good movie, great visuals.
Lady M: What happened?
SwingDaddy: Um, everyone died.
Lady M: That's rough for the marketing department. They were probably already planning the sequel, "301."


Lara said...

i want to go SO BAD. why do tina and brian have to get married that weekend? :(

speaking of which, i was talking to our favorite seamstress today about my bridesmaid dress for that, and she gave me something to pass on to you. i'll bring to rehearsal tomorrow - help me remember if you can. :)

Kimberly said...

WEll, maybe they can do a prequel instead: 299.

I want desperately to go to BlogHer, Lady M. And if I make it, I'd love to hang out with you at a cocktail party.

I've got a ride lined up, now I just have to work out the rest of the financials.

Gunfighter said...

Nope... I'm not going!

Seems unfair, though, as so many blooger pals of mine will be there... perhaps I should organize Bloghim.

Doesn't really sound all that cool, though.

Mamacita Tina said...

Not going, sniff, sniff. Last year's sure sounded fun though.

Lady M said...

Lara - It would so wonderful to have you there! T&B will be even more glad to have you at their wedding though.

Kimberly - looking forward to hanging out with you. I'm sure it will work out.

Gunfighter - Did you mean that "Bloghim" doesn't sound all that cool or BlogHer? Gents are welcome, ya know!

Mamacita Tina - We will have to do an outing for just our young'uns, maybe to that firetruck museum.

Jenny said...

You need to go! I'm 99% sure i'm going and I'd love to finally meet you in person!

kittenpie said...

301. Heh.

I am sorely tempted, and am putting together an attempt to convince work to send me... I wish they'd put up pricing info so I could file my request with actualy fgures! There is talk of a TO blogger caravan and roomsharing, which would help in any event. Fingers crossed!

Mayberry said...

I am going - hope you can too!