Friday, April 27, 2007

7 Things To Do Before the Baby Arrives

1) Install dimmers on the light switch of the nursery, so that the baby isn't awakened by bright lights.

2) Oil hinges, so that the baby isn't awakened by squeaky doors.

3) Take up weight lifting to prepare upper body for hauling baby and baby gear.

4) Learn three different ways to sterilize pacifiers, which you will do religiously for two weeks before figuring out the kid will be fine.

5) Find stroller friendly paths to the supermarket.

6) Locate a 24-hour pharmacy near your house.

And most importantly for a blogger,

7) Reset your passwords to remove characters that require the shift key. You'll be holding the baby with one arm, so you'll need to be able to type with just the other hand.

In honor of Liz, Christina, and Tammie's virtual baby shower! (Ladies - I know you are pros who know this stuff already, but maybe there are some first-timers reading.)


Damsel said...

There for just a second, I thought I'd missed something somewhere... I've only been reading you for a couple of months, and I thought, "SURELY she couldn't have gone that long in the middle of a pregnancy w/o mentioning it!!"

.... off to finish my morning coffee -- can you tell I need it? LOL

P.S. The dimmer switch is a GREAT idea!!! Ours was an unusual situation when Jet was born, so I never dealt with a nursery, but I'll definitely file that away!

Mayberry said...

Excellent -- no assvice in the lot!

Mamacita Tina said...

We have dimmer switches in both kids' rooms and their bathroom, absolutely wonderful!

Oiling the hinges, we still need to do that one. We cringe every time we open or close our bedroom door.

Lady M said...

Damsel - Oops, maybe I should have put the baby shower note at the top of the post!

Mayberry - Thanks!

Mamacita tina - SwingDaddy just re-oiled the hinges last night. They were getting cringe-worthy.

Mom101 said...

Ha, thank you! great advice, all of it. Especially the last bit - but I already had to do that since my shift key fell off last year. Heh.

wayabetty said...

I thought I missed something too Lady M when I saw the title. So, I guess you're not preggo.