Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Does A Hippo Say? Part II

"In-the-jungle, the-mighty-jungle." A little background here: Q loves, loves, loves a video clip featuring Pat and Stanley, a hippo and dog team (not sure who is Pat and who is Stanley), singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." He now volunteers the whole first verse of the song, when you ask what a hippo says.

SwingDaddy wrote about it yesterday, and my parents called in to own up to partial credit/blame. Apparently, they had daily karaoke renditions with Q while we were gone earlier this month!

There are a whole series of Pat and Stanley shorts, and Q especially likes this one, an ode to tooth brushing. His whole body tenses up in anticipation of the two creatures spitting out their toothpaste, and then he cracks up, wriggling in delight when they follow through. I'm going to have to ask Madame A what they say at the end (it's all in French).

Q kindly provides a harmonica assist as Octy plays the Blues.

We have a bit of a musical theme tonight, so it's a good time to tackle the music meme, as kindly invited by Smiling Mom and Bon. I'm going to do it just a little differently though. Instead of "seven songs you're into right now," I have two different variations.

The Six CDs in My Car

Josh Groban, Awake: I've written about him previously.

Gwen Stefani, The Sweet Escape: I'm conflicted, because favorite author Meg Cabot reports Gwen denies that she is a feminist, which is a terrible example to young empowered girls (and boys), but she does write and sing catchy songs!

Pink, I'm Not Dead: Love the tunes, but I have to be careful about not playing certain songs with Q in the car, given the R-rated language.

Soundtrack to the movie Cars: All of us love Sheryl Crow's song especially, and Q requests it over and over again.

Back to Basics, Christina Aguilera, discs 1 & 2: Girl's got a great voice. Glad she got over the skanky phase.

Now for meme variation 2, a selection of the top played songs on my iPod:

Regency-style dance tune: Even though I haven't played it on the device since June 2006, it's still the #1 played song, since I listened to it endlessly while working out the choreography.

Two songs from High School Musical ("When There Was Me and You" and "We're All In This Together, " if you must know.)

A contribution from a boy band.

Wizards in Winter, by the TranSiberian Orchestra. There's an excellent YouTube video by a Christmas-light fan with insane amounts of time here.

Have I embarrassed myself sufficiently? Is there anyone who hasn't already been tagged who wants to play? Please consider yourself invited!

It was an eventful day, with a first official haircut for Q and many, many musical games. More on that later.

P.S. On a totally different note, how cool is it that all three of the main Harry Potter actors are coming back for the 6th and 7th movies?!

Madame A was kind enough to translate the exchange between Pat and Stanley at the end of the toothbrushing video:

Hippo: Eh, on assume?
Dog: Oui, on est des brutes!

Meaning roughly

We're all over this?
Yes, we're brutes!


Lara said...

"a contribution from a boy band"? come on - don't we get to know which song from which band? ;)

Jenny said...

Ha! Hailey is now LOVING the PAt and Stanley stuff.

I may never get my laptop back.

Mayberry said...

I just bared my soul on this one, too!

Smiling Mom said...

Thanks for playing!! I love Gwen as well. :-) A haircut, what a big deal!!

Lady M said...

Lara - "Just Want You To Know," by the Backstreet Boys.

Jenny - All we get around here is "mo' hippo!"

Mayberry - I look forward to reading.

Smilimg Mom - Thanks for inviting me.

fourthbreakfast said...

Oh Good. I'm glad you're enjoying the Cars Soundtrack! I've got "Real Gone" in my "What(I'm Listening to) Now" playlist.

Mamacita Tina said...

I remember you introducing me to Pat and Stanley, I need to get the ball rolling and introduce them to Ian. Especially the spitting the toothpaste out one, since we are instructed by his dentist to start using fluoride.

I don't dare try the music meme, I'm so out of touch with adult music, it's all kids' music.