Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Water, Water, and Some Milk Too

Happy Vernal Equinox! It's the one year anniversary of my quarterly emergency readiness check, and I've run out of ways to rephrase its purpose. Instead, I'll rely on a quote from the last one:

Sometimes emergency plans look so daunting that it's easier to do nothing. So, my goals are modest. I'm going to do a few small things each season to put us in better shape to handle an emergency.

This round has really been more about maintenance than new additions. Q just outgrew a size of diapers, so I replaced all the size 4's that I've stashed on our cars, diaper bag, and mini diaper bag with size 5's. He's been wearing the same size for so long that I haven't needed to update the car kits in ages. In fact, I threw out packages of formula that have been there, unnoticed, for the last year! The dude can live off the land like his parents now – goldfish crackers, raisins, and we're good to go. He's graduated from whole milk to 2% too.

When I opened our household emergency supplies to swap out the baby wipes for fresh ones, I discovered that two of our gallon jugs of water had cracked and leaked, fortunately contained by the heavy duty plastic bin of the kit. We poured the remaining water onto the lawn, and SwingDaddy got some new water jugs. I should probably rotate water supplies more often.

And that's about it. Nothing exciting this round, except that I managed to find the kiddie ID bands that I ordered a year ago for Q. He's mobile enough to potentially get lost and need them, so I think it's time to fill out our info and attach them to his shoes.

Call to action: Do you have enough water to last your family for three days, the amount of time you should be prepared to survive on your own before help arrives in case of disaster? At the very least, pick up some gallon containers of water to have on hand. More great info at

Q's contribution to the effort: He's going to feed the family from his tomato plant!


Bob said...

No more whole milk? I hadn't had whole milk for maybe 40 years, until the last visit; I had some whole milk with sweet vanilla corn flake cereal and it taste like ice cream. Yum

Binkytown said...

We're off the whole milk too, but I'm not happy about it. Mine is such a picky eater I at least knew that would plump him up a little. Plus I confess I miss having it around for a swig now and again..

YF said...

i honestly did drink whole milk all the way through high school - but yes, Fi on non fat. we will try to remember to get some water - that is one thing that i think we can manage - thanks for the tip!

Mamacita Tina said...

I love the emergency readiness reminders and ideas you give. Definitely doable stuff.

We just planted some tomato and pepper plants. Getting lots of rain today to help give them a boost!

Lady M said...

We're wondering if we should switch from the whole-milk yogurt to low fat as well. As you've all said, the whole stuff sure tastes good.