Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Walk in Biosphere I, A Stay in Biosphere II

Q has turned into quite the sturdy walker. We took in the sights yesterday on a walk that went for hours, and he happily trotted along, pointing out fountains, bicycles, and the occasional woof-woof.

I brought the camera (of course) and was torn between two roles. As a photographer, I didn’t want his hat in the pictures, because it doesn’t match his clothes. Plus, it doesn’t fit him all that well anymore. As a mother, however, I want him wearing that hat to protect him from the sun. The mom voice won out, but he got tired of it later in the day and took it off anyway.

Here, he busts a move with a bollard.

And of course, what walk is complete without finding a stick to drag on the ground and wave in the air?

He did his best to help carry a gift we purchased, but was really more interested in trying to open the package.

All in all, a lovely day for the two of us, ending with my parents arriving to shower Q with more love. I had to leave at o'dark hundred this morning to fly to Orlando for the tradeshow, which was somewhat less thrilling. The trip went smoothly, despite the fact that the plane ran out of food (besides M&Ms) in the first half hour of a trans-continental flight.

I ran into a colleague at baggage claim, and we shared a cab to the hotel/convention center. He'd attended the show last year, and commented that while the hotel is lovely, it reminds him a bit too much of Biosphere II, the self-contained ecosystem experiment a decade ago. Upon arrival, the comment made me laugh. Sure enough, our room overlooks a make-believe "Everglades" and a pond of alligators is just around the corner.

SwingDaddy has already been here for a couple of days, getting the technical setup ready, so it's nice to be reunited. When I got back to our room after the last equipment check, the hospitality turn-down service had been there, leaving little bedside mints with our company logo printed on them. There's no escaping work this week, that's for sure.

Mom and Dad said that Q had a good day, so now it's time to sleep and get ready for tomorrow's customer demos.


Mayberry said...

Oh my... seeing the company logo right there on your pillow would be awfully strange! Glad you arrived safely.

binkytown said...

How I long to be outside walking around with my little one! He's adorable. Good call on the hat.

Mamacita Tina said...

I love the picture of your shadows!

Hats, always necessary. Amazing how quickly little ones outgrow them. Seems like I'm always on the look for kids' hats, one that will match most outfits, and possibly can be worn by both Ian and Laurel. White is a good choice!

ewe are here said...

He's so darn cute!

And, well, I would have been the 'mom', too, and insisted on the hat. And loads of sunscreen.

alyndabear said...

He is just GORGEOUS!