Monday, March 12, 2007

Rejoice, Pregnant Fashionable Hookers

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the mall, not having any luck finding some new business clothes. All the mannequins were standing swaybacked in the shop windows in babydoll dresses and other drapey things. Fashion-wise, it looks like an excellent year for pregnant hookers.


Bon said...

y'know, i've noticed the same thing. can't decide whether to be pleased that i apparently don't have to worry about squeezing my postpartum (read non-existent) waist into teensy little clothes, or pissed that all these things make me look like i'm STILL pregnant ten months later.

when in doubt, alas, i fall back on the "i've been wearing it for years, it must be a classic, why buy something new?" formula.

which is probably why i look like a wino when i dress for job interviews.

Mir said...

Best. Title. Ever.

Karianna said...

Looks like Q is totally digging it, though.

(And I agree with Mir.)

Lady M said...

Bon - I'm sooo not wearing babydoll dresses. I'd be paranoid that everyone would be wondering when I had "news" to share.

Mir and Karianna - Thanks!

Q is aghast at the fishnets, boots and maternity minidress combination. ;)

wayabetty said...

Heck, I'm 6 months preggo and you'd never catch me in one of those hoochie mama dresses!!

Girl con Queso said...


Anonymous said...

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