Monday, March 26, 2007

Old Madonna Had a Farm

Old Madonna had a horse
With a neigh-neigh here and a neigh-neigh there . . .

I know that Madge has really gotten in to her English-countryside lifestyle, but somehow I don't think Q's song is what she had in mind.

In other news, we went to SwingDaddy's cycling banquet tonight, where he was awarded a first-place trophy for winning his category of races! Q was very well behaved, ate most of my dinner, and enjoyed his very first Hobee's coffeecake for dessert. I love eating at Hobee's, which is the only place I have a Starbucks-like order: "BDBIT, eggs scrambled, coffeecake, butter on the side." (The Best Darn Breakfast in Town features country-style hashbrowns (never greasy), two farm-fresh eggs served any style, and a choice of their famous blueberry coffeecake or toast. Mmmmmm.)

I was somewhat concerned about how late we'd be out, because we were approaching Q's bedtime with no sign of the extremely full awards table going into action, but the Race Director was truly impressive. He handed out over fifty trophies and awards with humorous commentary in twenty-one minutes flat.

Q draped himself over my back one afternoon this weekend, so I picked him up for a piggy-back ride. It's more of a daddy-activity, as I mostly carry on my hip, and he must have found it quite unusual. When I set him down on the couch, he patted my shoulder, and said, "Good job, mama."

Thanks, bud, We all need a pat and praise sometimes.


Mamacita Tina said...

Hey there Q, good job at the banquet! So cute how he patted you and said, "Good job, Mama." Love it! And, of course good job SwingDaddy with the cycling! Praise for the entire family.

Mayberry said...

Yeah, good job to both mama and cyclin' daddy!

tali said...

Congrats to SwingDaddy! And Q looks so grown up with his new haircut.

ps- I've been living under a rock or something, but I will get back to you soon about dance related matters.

Lady M said...

Thanks, y'all!

Tali - looking forward to catching up.