Friday, March 09, 2007

Mickey Mouse-Shaped, Chocolate-Dipped Anything

I see by the distinct lack of comments that my readers aren't interested in mostly-naked men. Accordingly, we return to our usual diet of cuteness!

We brought Q a Lightning McQueen cookie from DisneyWorld, since he loves the movie "Cars" so much.


We got some other treats too. Mickey Mouse-shaped, chocolate-dipped ice cream!

Ever since our honeymoon, where we spent a few nights at a Disney hotel and found that the turn-down service left Mickey Mouse-shaped rice krispy treats with chocolate-dipped ears, I've been on the search for more of the same. Earlier in the day, we'd found a Main Street lunch place with allergen-free rice krispy treats in the shape of stars (gluten-free, lactose-free, peanut-free. SwingDaddy wondered, "Taste-free?") and we'd been talking about the treats so much that I almost settled for one, in spite of the disappointing star shape.

Fortunately, we found the real thing in the checkout line. Mickey Mouse-shaped, chocolate-dipped rice krispy treats!

And what do you do after enjoying sweets? We brush our teeth, of course.

Q ran to our bedroom and carried the stool into the bathroom, so that he could brush his teeth all by himself. Everything was going great until he decided he wanted our toothbrushes too.

It's good to be home. Endless thanks to my parents, Ama and Agu, for taking care of Q while we were gone. He had such a good time! Pictures of the "electric" guitar, airplane bread, and tricycle parade to come.


Mayberry said...

Opie always wants to use everyone else's toothbrushes too. especially since the one time I goofed and really did give him his sister's brush. Now he thinks he can use it anytime.

Sassy Belle said...

Your teeth are your friends. If you take care of them, they'll take care of you!

And thank you for the offer of the polka dotted outfits. However, I fear I'm about four times as wide as you are, tiny dancer. ;)

alyndabear said...

What a great time! I love anything Disney. :D Yum!

YF said...

welcome back! hope you had a good time despite that work stuff. we have shared brushes and still fight it.

ps. i do like the naked men - more please.

Momma to LG said...

We had Mickey shortbread cookies with dipped ears on our trip. YUM!

Lady M said...

Mayberry - We had kept our toothbrushes out of Q's reach, but his reach is getting longer . . .

Sassy - There are many polka dot selections to choose from - we'll certainly find something!

Aly - Yum, indeed!

YF - I'm glad someone liked that post! :)

Momma to LG - Shortbread cookies - oooh, we missed those. Next time!

Rugger Mom said...

LR keeps making me show him this post because of the picture of a car cookie you put up.