Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lions and Dragons and Bears, Oh My!

I found our big family outing today via an archaic form of communication – the newspaper! There was an ad for a "Lunar New Year Unity Parade" not too far from our house, and try as I might, I could find nothing useful on the web besides an article about the same event in 2003. So, we just drove there and hoped for the best. It worked out perfectly. We had just enough time to find a nice viewing perch, offer Q a cup of juice, and see the arrival of the first dragon.

The community martial arts schools were good marketers and handed out flyers for their classes. Most don't start kids until they are four years old, but one has a "parent and toddler" class, which sounds interesting. We think Q would enjoy it! Maybe we could become Lion dancers. I think the ruffley pants are pretty cool.

The local elementary schools were well represented with meandering throngs waving banners and beating drums.

Q was fascinated, observing the action from SwingDaddy's shoulders and waving to the passers-by. He was rewarded with friendly smiles and not one, but TWO, firetrucks as the finale.

P.S. As the post title states, there is indeed a bear in the photos. Can you find it?


Mayberry said...

on the hat!

Looks like fun. Love the picture of the little girls in their kimonos.

Lara said...

i noticed it right away, mostly thinking it was an odd combination with the rest of his outfit. fortunately, that kid's cute enough to pull off any ensemble. :)

Girl con Queso said...

Shades and a pooh hat. Excellent.

Lady M said...

Pooh hat, indeed! It's actually the Chinese vest that doesn't match anything else in his t-shirt/sweats ensemble, but we brought it along anyway to be festive. :)

Damsel said...

I'm with you on the ruffly pants. Maybe we could pair up? Flip you to see who gets the rear end.