Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ketchup and BucketHeads

I put ketchup on a hamburger for the first time today. I guess parenting teaches you to be adventurous in many ways, including putting goopy stuff on perfectly good food. The weather was so good this weekend that SwingDaddy opened up the grill and cooked homemade hamburgers, including a tiny one for Q. The little dude munched away happily, pausing to put down the burger and flip open the top bun with a casual I've-done-this-a-million-times move when offered ketchup (by his father, of course).

It was a good weekend, filled with trains and Lego. At one point, Q started throwing Lego, ignoring my admonishments, and eventually one hit me in the face. I sternly instructed him to say sorry, and he refused, lying down and making theatrical sobbing noises into the ground. Eventually, he came over and rubbed his teary, snotty cheek against mine and I was glad to hold him, aware that slobber doesn't bother me the same way it used to, as long as it's our slobber.
Some Mommy Group friends got together for coffee today, and we had a lovely chat. Plus, I was reassured that I am not the only parent who has not registered her child on pre-school wait lists since birth. We can have a little more time at home to do important things like wear buckets on our heads.


Steven Novak said...

Ketchup on a burger for the first time?



Mamacita Tina said...

Thank you, that picture totally made me smile and laugh!

Uh oh, the throwing of toys, tears. But ah, the apology, the hug, the cuddling. Amazing how our own kids' snot isn't really that gross.

Damsel said...

Yeah, I'm the ketchup lover in our house. Knight can't stand it. Jet loves it, too.

LOVE the bucket on the head! So cute!

Girl con Queso said...

I think I have an almost identical photo with an almost identical bucket on the Hurricane's head. I'm just sayin. I could completely be in your play group.

Izzy said...


K goose blog said...

love the photo.

so great to see you yesterday!

How about ketchup and eggs? My husband thinks ketchup ruins eggs... me however yummy!

Smiling Mom said...

Hi Lady M, I hope you don't mind, but I've tagged you for a meme. Have fun!

Lady M said...

Steve - and today, I did it again - more ketchup for the kiddo! Getting brave, here.

Mamacita tina - such drama for the little folk.

Damsel - Ah-ha, other divided households

GCQ - We must have a playdate!

Izzy - thank you!

KGoose's mom - it was great to see you too. Have a great trip.

Smiling Mom - looking forward to the meme.