Monday, March 19, 2007

In Which I Postpone Writing About Serious, Hard-Hitting Topics Once Again

And instead tell you how much I love IKEA.

We were in search of some small plastic tumblers so that Q can transition away from sippy cups, and where else is there besides our favorite Scandinavian purveyor of clever storage units? Plus, Momma to LG had alerted me that there was a new plush sealife collection, and it wouldn't do to miss that.

After navigating an elevator larger than my first apartment,

And following the circuitous path around the store, considering various media storage and darling toddler beds,

We did find the sealife. There was a bright yellow crab, a flock of turtles, and a wall of demented octopi.

Amazingly though, we escaped with a record low in purchases – just the cups, some matching flatware, and a box of gingersnaps. $4.26 total for an hour's entertainment.

Tomorrow, I'll tackle narcissism in blogging, the balance of praise for children, and curing cancer. Or maybe just some cute pictures, we'll see.


Damsel said...

We just got an IKEA nearby (I think it actually opened 3 months ago or so, but... that's "just" to me). I have yet to venture in.

Everyone tells me that it's overwhelming, especially for someone like me who would have to spend four hours in there to see everything.

Someday, soon, though, I hope to check it out. Good job on not blowing the budget! (Another reason I'm afraid to go!)

Mayberry said...

Yes. Those octopi are scary.

Bon said...

oh i'm just crawling with jealousy.

there is no IKEA in Canada east of Montreal. i am about nineteen hours east of Montreal.

once, when i lived in greener pastures, my very broke boyfriend and i used to spend our Sunday afternoons strolling around the neighbourhood IKEA and sitting on all the fun couches.

now i will go weep and see if i can order a catalogue.

YF said...

love/hate ikea. it is complicated. i love much of the fun things they sell but hate getting lost in that maze and having to have security show me the way out.

Lara said...

everytime i go to ikea, i think of you in the plush sealife section.

also, narcissism in blogging would be a very interesting topic. i was recently flat-out insulted by someone with regards to my blog, and i'm struggling to come to terms with how much i think is "okay" for my blog to be self-centered. i may eventually write on it as well.

Kimberly said...

You know how I feel about Ikea :)

I think we have those cups. Also, plates and cutlery. I pink puffy heart Ikea. I think if I could move into one of their cute little environments, I would.

I agree with Mayberry, though, that the octopi are terrifying.

binkytown said...

Ikea is serious. Very serious.

Lady M said...

IKEA stirs such passions!

Damsel - see YF's comment - bring a guide so you can find your way out.

Mayberry & Kimberly - They are sort of nightmarish. I didn't show them to Q.

Bon - I was so thrilled when we got our first IKEA in Northern California. I drove an hour and a half to get there! They built a much closer one a few years later, thankfully. You'll have to come visit.

YF - I can handle getting lost. It's the parking that drives me crazy.

Lara - It's hard to imagine a place more suited to writing things about yourself than a blog (except perhaps a paper diary with little lock and key). If writing about yourself gets called self-centered, so be it.

Binkytown - indeed!

meispirit said...

We just bought this same set of cups for Raina :) But in Sydney's IKEA of course!