Thursday, March 08, 2007

Even Airplane Food Will Be Fine

We’re packing up, getting ready for our 6am flight tomorrow to go home. Can’t wait to see the Q-ster!

The trade show was exhausting, but very successful. A few random tidbits:

1) I think I have a residual image of the company logo on my eyeballs. I keep seeing it everywhere! Tonight they sponsored a basketball game on ESPN, so I saw the logo a whole bunch of times for real, which didn’t help.

2) No company logo mint on our pillows tonight, since the show is over. I was getting kind of fond of those.

3) The hotel soap has some kind of gravel embedded in it. For exfoliation, perhaps? A closer examination of the packaging says that it’s an “Oatmeal Bar,” which sounds more like breakfast than a beauty product.

4) After an extended day of hundreds of people trooping through conference rooms, the air gets rather . . . ripe. Ick!

5) SwingDaddy and I were able to meet his parents for dinner one night this week. Can you believe that they were in Orlando for an entirely separate purpose exactly this week by coincidence? True thing.

We had a nice chat while enjoying some seafood and then I got an urgent call from my demo team. I dropped my fork and ran off to deal with the issue, which didn’t take too long, and then headed back sheepishly to apologize for being so rude. It occurred to me a moment later that SwingDaddy’s dad and stepmom, if anyone, would be totally understanding of sudden and urgent work demands, being in the business of trauma surgery.

The photo is of a balloon fish created by an entertainer at the restaurant, along with some interestingly crooked glassware. It’s probably not a good idea to use it, if you’re planning to drink anything strong.

Time to pack up the computer. Home soon!


min said...

Don't eat the soap!!! They really do mean for you to bath with your food.

Mamacita Tina said...

#4, eeewwww! Know what you mean though, picture a classroom (actually it was a trailer) of 30ish sixth graders after lunch recess in hot months. Health lessons given frequently to help remedy the "situation."

Enjoy your beautiful son!

Lady M said...

Min - I didn't eat the soap, but I didn't take the spare bar home with me either. Too weird.

Mamacita tina - "health lessons" - ha!