Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Come Back Here With Mommy's Pills

Mr. Q has gotten enterprising with his rapid moving-of-footstools and sudden access to higher shelves. Items that were safely out of reach are not anymore.

Many things went through my mind while trying to convince my offspring to return the packet of birth control pills he had seized. The foremost was, dude, the way you're behaving right now? I really need those.

More random thoughts today: Do you remember how pleased I was about mastering the post office stamp machine and getting all stocked up? It turns out that first class mail rates go up in May, so I may be stuck with a couple of months of adding 1 cent stamps to envelopes. Oh well.

SwingDaddy and I watched the first episode of Dancing With the Stars last night, a flurry of sequins and fringe with the usual wacky mix of celebrity dancers. No one truly embarrassed himself, although you can tell that some will not be long for this ballroom.

Cheryl Burke is back, partnered with former Beverly Hills, 90210 actor, Ian Ziering. She's the professional dancer who has led her last two partners to victory, first Drew Lachey and then NFL star, Emmitt Smith. Her success is not due primarily to her dancing. She's obviously a great performer, and she's been lucky to not get stuck with someone hopeless, but SwingDaddy and I think her winning talent is choreography. She's turned out engaging numbers week after week that highlight her partners' strengths and coaches them to dance with confidence. There are some other strong celebrity contenders this season, so we'll see if their professional partners can do as good a job as Cheryl.

Hint to the pro who's dancing with the beauty queen – don't call yourself "young and hot." It just doesn't sound good.

Photos from my fountain tour with Q a few weekends ago. He was very damp and happy, splashing around. Lady O and Cha were quite tolerant of our meandering walking style.


Kimberly said...

heee! Toddlers can be walking advertisements for birth control, but I think Q might have taken it to new heights.

Dammit. I missed Steve Sanders ballroom dancing. Stupid American Idol.

Mir said...

I did miss Ian Ziering but managed to catch Apolo Anton Ohno. Yum, yum, yum.

Mayberry said...

Stamps are going up AGAIN? I thought the last increase happened like two weeks ago.

Lady M said...

Ian Ziering was fairly good, and he totally recognized that he won the sweepstakes in getting Cheryl as a partner. I like Apolo too!

Yep, stamps are going up by 2 cents, again.