Saturday, March 17, 2007

C'Mon Ride the Train

We gave Q a simple remote controlled train for his birthday last week, and we now have an alternating music and train-centric household. The only thing better would be to get to play music on a train. We'll work on that.

With enough concentration Q can pull the trigger on the control to get the train going.

Although at first, he tried to take his temperature, since the control device is admittedly shaped somewhat like an ear-thermometer.

Not sure why we're holding boxcars to our noses, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time.

After Q went to bed, SwingDaddy and I went set up some cool track configurations and played with the trains ourselves for a while. It was a good second birthday for all of us.


Damsel said...

Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Q! How fun!

And of COURSE you're holding boxcars to your noses, silly. There are people out there who don't?

Lara said...

you went your first day without posting - congrats! and i'm glad to hear the whole household is enjoying the trainset. i think that's how all gifts should be. :) although, you and swingdaddy probably won't fit in the shirts i bought for bubs. but you can play with the fingerpaints!

Jenny said...

Hee! I totally played with Hailey's train set. I tried to balance a martin glass on it like my house was some sort of trendy train bar.

It didn't work.

Lady M said...

Thank you, Damsel!

Lara - You noticed! We will indeed keep the shirts just for Q, but the paints are fun for all.

Jenny - I don't think I could balance much on the train, but we could try running the track around our kitchen counters. ;)

mo-wo said...

smells like fun. happy birthday to the cutest guy on the blogourhood. except for all the other cute babies of course.