Wednesday, March 07, 2007

300 Sets of Great Abs

Those of you who travel know that USA Today is the hotel staple when you’re munching a breakfast bagel. They don’t have much in terms of hard hitting coverage, you get the occasional nice human interest story. Today’s Entertainment Section cover story featured the movie, 300, a retelling of the battle fought by 300 Spartans to the death, which inspired the rest of the Greeks to defend their freedom. Or something like that. Herodotus wrote a lot more about the battle of Thermopylae, but this film is more about Frank Miller’s graphic novel interpretation.

By all accounts, the movie has gorgeous visuals, handsome heroes, and a compelling story of self sacrifice. However, I have mixed feelings about the high gore level, which given its Miller source, will certainly include many dismemberments, decapitations, and other gruesome fates. I’m not a big fan of bloody movies, but somehow give a bye to favorite storytellers. Is that fair? Apparently, it might be worth seeing. From the newspaper review:

As for anyone who thinks 300 is guys-only fare, consider those half-naked Spartans. At test screenings, the film tested 100% positive for women of all ages.

Says (the director): “The studio was like, “What the hell?” We don’t even get this at our romantic comedies.’”


fourthbreakfast said...

I, for one, am interested in half-naked men. The trailers have looked really good for this film. A bit video gameish. Despite the outstanding female response, I think I'm going to wait for it on DVD so I can skip through the really gory parts.

Lady M said...

I second the DVD plan. Did you see the opening weekend numbers? $70M!

Damsel said...

We always get DVD's (love, but mostly because we're too cheap to pay movie theater prices! I think I'll have to forward through the gory parts, too. Blech. That was the only reason why I've never seen all of Saving Private Ryan. Everybody says it was a great flick, but I just couldn't take it.