Sunday, February 18, 2007

You Don't Need to Tell Me That I'm a Total Idiot

I had a really great post title for tonight, but due to circumstances you're about read, we will instead talk about the top three things you should NOT do when your sister is nice enough to make a casserole that will feed your family for most of the week.

3) Leave it in the car. (We didn't do that, so that was one test we managed to pass by many, many reminders to each other.)
2) Be so distracted with unloading the should-be-sleeping child and all the gear from the car that you put it in the oven without thinking about it.

And the number one thing you should not do when you get a gift casserole?
1) Leave the PLASTIC WRAP on the dish while it's baking.


And after that, I had to call her and get the recipe so I could make another one, since the food I was craving was now covered in a thin film of plastic. Yum.

By the way, Lady O - your baking dish is fine and the replacement meal is looking good. Sorry I managed to thwart your kind efforts.

Last week was really crazy for us at work. In an unusual reversal, I had a more flexible schedule, with fewer customer meetings and more document writing, and SwingDaddy had to go into the lab instead of being able to work from home. We were both racing the clock to get stuff done for the upcoming tradeshow, plus we had the dance gig, all in the same week. That's just how timing goes sometimes.

It worked out ok, and because I could get home earlier, I got a lot of mama-baby time with Q. A few tidbits:

While eating the first bites of his dinner: "Hot! Hot!" Then he corrected himself, "No, just warm." I guess he's heard me say that once or twice or a million times.

Handing me two pot lids: "Cymba!" I'm supposed to bang them together like cymbals. Meanwhile, he has a big pot over one arm, tapping out a quick-quick-slow rhythm and dancing what looks suspiciously like a samba.


Sassy Belle said...

I watched a video on social dance today, and I think your little boy will be quite the ladies man when he grows up and they can figure out that he's able to dance!!


(My daddy once put a pot roast in the oven in one of those oven bags and set it to broil by accident... It melted all the plastic onto the roast. sad.)

Mayberry said...

How can he NOT grow up to be a dancer!

Pendullum said...

Sorry about your sister's dinner...
Sorry I have moments like that... and I am sighing thinking...I am not alone...

binkytown said...

I one made a pizza with the cardboard bottom still attached. Does that count?

Lady M said...

I'm feeling a little better about the plastic wrap mishap now. Thanks, y'all.

Mamacita Tina said...

Bummer on the casserole. When will our appliances be smart enough to tell us mistakes like that?

"Hot, hot, no, just warm," too cute! I love how musically inclined Q is.