Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pop Culture and Fine Cuisine

Many years ago, my mother came upon an endless, rowdy line of people at the local mall. As she passed them, she noticed they were queued under a sign reading, "Police Tickets." Was traffic school becoming really popular?

The security guard put an end to the mystery. "Ma'am, The Police are a band."

My parents tell me that they lost a decade of pop culture while they were busy raising us. "How could I not know that there were FIVE sequels to the Planet of the Apes?" mom once found herself asking.

I'm wondering when I'll hit that disconnect point too. There's only so much longer that reading movie reviews instead of actually going to the theater and seeing them is going to keep me in the loop. On the other hand, I'm experiencing more important events, like today's mama-and-baby first. SwingDaddy convinced me that I needed to fill a gap in my culinary history. So Q and I ate our first corndog.

If you know me and say that I've had a corndog before in the past, I've clearly blocked it from my memory. It turned out ok though, since it was tastier than I though it would be, and Q chomped away, washing it down with big gulps of Jamba Juice.

Anyhow, I had kind of a theme going with the Police, so let me get back to that.

I have a hard time sitting through entertainment awards shows, because I can't tolerate acceptance speeches by people who need a script and director to sound coherent. I usually just pick up a fashion magazine later to see what everyone wore.

An exception tonight: The first few minutes of the Grammy Awards, since the Police opened the show! They sounded great. Lady O is talking about getting tickets if their (hopefully soon to be announced) tour comes nearby. The band had stopped recording by the time I started following rock, but Sting was my teenage idol, so I'm definitely familiar with the music. It would be cool to see them live.

As a promoter of all things cute, particularly anthropomorphic food, I had to share these fabric swatches from ljcfyi and Lucky Olive.

More cute: Visit Her Bad Mother to see the "unbearable cuteness of being" WonderBaby.


Mamacita Tina said...

I've come to terms knowing I'm missing out on today's music, movies, and everything else that's new. It won't be long when my kids will be shaking their heads at me and saying, "Mom, you are clueless."

Jenny said...

Oh my lord, I desperately need an apron made out of that blue retro fabric.


Mayberry said...

Sigh...I am at that point already where the Dixie Chicks win like 40 Grammies and I have NEVER heard that song.

Good one from my mom: Years ago we had tickets to see Tommy on Broadway. Mom: "What's the name of that band again?" Me: "You mean The Who?" Mom: "Yes. Will they be there?" I think she thought they would be down in the orchestra pit playing the overture.

Suzanne said...

I can relate to the "reading the movie reviews" approach to keeping current. By the time I'll actually see any of the Oscar-nominated films, it'll be 2010 at the earliest.

The Police were awesome at the Grammys! I hope to be able to snag a ticket should they tour this year.

Kimberly said...

Those swatches! They're sooo cute!

I you Tubed the Police and went to Go Fug Yourself for the fashion. ASll of the joy of the awards show with none of the pain.

(And I'm so glad that H&M worked out for your friend. We mamas of tweens have to stand united against the skankwear.)

Lady M said...

Mamacita tina - I haven't come to terms with that yet, but I know it's coming.

Jenny - A little ruffled apron woudl be adorable.

Mayberry - The Tommy story is so funny!

Suzanne - Too many of the Oscar films come out at the end of the year, so there aren't Netflixable DVDs yet, darn it! Not that I'm keeping up with Netflix anyway.

Kimberly - I'm headed to Go Fug Yourself next. Thanks for the reminder!

wayabetty said...

That's something my parents would say too. That's funny! And yeah, I love the Police too. Sting was so so on his own.