Tuesday, February 20, 2007

No Pictures, No Comment

The little dude is shown here, refusing to kiss mama.

He made up for it later by telling me my dress was "pret-ty."

Note: For you observant grandparents: The mark on his hand in the top picture is a stamp (for completing gymnastics class), not a bruise.

Note 2: After I wrote yesterday's post and mentioned that everyone should know about DDR, I realized that it was a snippy thing to say. After all, if I'd been a parent for a couple of years longer, I'd probably have no idea. Sorry 'bout that.


YF said...

Ok, I had not heard of DDR, but it sounds very fun... don't worry - I already knew that I don't get out enough.j

K goose blog said...

I love the no kisses picture. They are so hard to come by these days. It was great to see you this weekend. SO neat to be a part of the group!

Mayberry said...

Ah, but if you were a parent a couple of years older, you'd have a preschooler who likes to shake her groove thang along to the DDR.

Karianna said...

He is just such a cutie!

Lady M said...

yf- I haven't played it many times, but DDR is a lot of fun!

K Goose's mom - It was great to see you too! I'm hoping to get back to the Thursday morning get-togethers at some point soon.

Mayberry - ah, a preschooler activity. I hadn't thought of it. We may have to get our own DDR.

Karianna - :)

Mamacita Tina said...

I had to laugh, last night I had to tell Paul that Laurel didn't have a bruise on her arm, it was a fish stamp she got at her toddler class.

As for the DDR, how else am I going to know what it is if I don't read about it? You're performing a public service for us mommies. Otherwise our future teenagers are going to look at us and say, "Duh." (Alright, they're going to do that anyway, but we can try to limit it, right?)