Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lovely Loopy Letters

Image courtesy of the Jane Austen font widget that Doppelganger mentioned last week. You too can write like Jane! (In a manner of speaking.)

We received three "holiday" letters this week, the kind that usually arrive at Christmas and describe a year's worth of events. With fewer competing pieces of mail, it's a great time to savor updates from friends and family. Two of the letters included all kinds of pictures with accompanying stories.

The third was a printout of an email listing the different photos from over forty locations around the world where the couple had traveled this year, with a tentative plan on how to make them into a card. It was followed by a response from the author's wife, saying, "Let's just print this out and put it in an envelope."

Excellent plan.

Hope you had an excellent Valentine's Day.


Mamacita Tina said...

In our fast, busy world, sometimes we just need to print things out. I hate when creativity has to be put on the side.

I love different fonts, and to be able to "write" like Jane, very cool!

Mayberry said...

Just send it -- I love it!

ewe are here said...

Just send it. heh heh

Lady M said...

I was kinda bummed that I hadn't written a Christmas letter, but now I'm not! I blog instead.