Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jump and Jump and Jump

You know that exhilaration you get in a really top-notch workout? I hadn't felt it long enough that I'd almost forgotten. SwingDaddy's bike race was postponed today due to the weather, so I was able to slip out to ballet class. Boy, was I glad I went.

I felt strong. I felt good. This teacher spends a lot of time on jumps and turns, and I can never get enough of either. The jump combination was sissone, faille, assemble, repeated across the floor and again in the other direction. Translated to English, it's basically jump and jump and jump and jump and jump. Wheee! I need to do this more.

The next excitement of the day was Q's much needed hair trim. After SwingDaddy and my haircuts yesterday, and he piped up on the drive home, "baby haircut?" It's the first time he's shown anything but grudging tolerance of the idea, so we immediately assured him that he could have one too.

He sat quietly on SwingDaddy's lap and didn't twitch too much while I wielded the clippers. The results are so-so. Let's just say that Mama has never been a beauty expert, but at least we can find his neck again.

Note: He's got a TOY knife in the picture while doing his best to peel a Clementine orange. I think he ate a grand total of five today.


min said...

I finally gave-up trying to cut my son's hair. I bought some electric clippers and began buzzing him. It looked militant, but it was so easy! Love the picture with that knife attacking the orange!

Mei-Ling said...

What a cutie! Glad you made the knife clarification :)

Lady M said...

He'll also run the toy knife down the taped edges of boxes, to pretend to open them, and use the tip to try to unscrew the battery panels of his toys. I'm worried about what else he might be learning from observation!