Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In Which Mama Manages Not to be Embarrassed

Q was helping unload some groceries tonight, carrying small items from the bags and bringing them to me to put in the kitchen cabinets. He brought me the crackers ("Goal-fish crack-ahs!") and a can of soup ("oooh!"). Next, he found a package of uh, feminine hygiene, um, let's just come out and say maxi-pads even though it sounds hopelessly square, and took off, running down the hallway.

"Q? Where are you going?" Mystified, I followed him.

He had carried them to his room and carefully placed the pads on the low shelf where we keep his diapers. Very perceptive, kiddo.

In completely unrelated news, Lady O sent me an excellent link about the Order of Science Scouts, where instead of camping or fishing badges, you can show emblems for science/geeky skills.

For example, the "MacGyver" badge:

In which the recipient has demonstrated that his/her science communication prowess was handy in simplifying a potentially challenging scenario. For example, was able to escape from unjustified prison term, with the clever use of a paper clip and WD-40. You know, that kind of thing.

She said that I qualified for the "inordinately fond of invertebrate" badge. In which the recipient professes an arguably unhealthy affinity for things of this category.
I made a slight adjustment: Inordinately fond of cute plush invertebrates.


Smiling Mom said...

So funny!! I've been asked by my 2 year old if I still wear diapers, nice!

Mamacita Tina said...

Q, you are too funny!

Definitely add the cute to the badge. LOL!

Sassy Belle said...

ha. train him early not to fear a woman's bodily functions. nothing worse than a boy who's horrified that girls have them. (bodily functions, I mean.)

Mayberry said...

You're like the Eagle Scout of cute sealife lovers.

ewe are here said...

I love it when they help carry and put things away! So darn cute!

Mamacita Tina said...

So we went to a new, closer dentist, and what do you know, he decorated with sealife! Made me think of you. :-)

Lady M said...

My folks are here tonight and I was explaining to them what a diaper doubler is - "basically, a maxi pad that you insert into the diaper, so that it absorbs more during the night." My mom said, "No wonder he put your stuff on his diaper shelf!"