Monday, February 26, 2007

Hey Dude, Why Don't You Pick Another One

Do want another mini orange, dear?

If you really want the lemon, you can have it. I don't think you're going like it though.

Q: Ewwwww!
He was willing to take an orange after that.


Lara said...

i am laughing my butt off at that last picture. jitta had to ask me what the heck was so funny, what with the tears streaming down my face. so classic. :-P

Bob said...

Good photo capture

Damsel said...

That is HILARIOUS. Thanks for the laugh during my sick day home. :)

The difference between Q and Jet is that Jet would continue to suck on the lemon, making that horrible face every time. I think he's just stubborn.

Sandra said...

So funny. And, man is he cute! Giggling over here :)

Lady M said...

Glad you liked the story! Behinds the scene story: the pictures were actually taken after the fact. All we have to do now is say, "How does a lemon taste?" and he'll make the face. :)

Mamacita Tina said...

Excellent picture!

Ian loves to tastes lemon slices. I need to have a camera on hand next time.