Monday, February 19, 2007

Guitar Mama

Over the weekend, we went over to Lady O and Cha's place for dinner and a few bouts of Guitar Hero. Have you heard of Guitar Hero? It's like Dance Dance Revolution, but for music. You see cues to favorite rock tunes on the TV screen and press keys on a "guitar" console to match them and strum. If you've never heard of Dance Dance Revolution, you need to get out a little more.

Apparently, a major league baseball star recently developed an arm strain injury, and it turned out it wasn't from baseball – it was from too much Guitar Hero!

Q was happy to hold the spare guitar for a while, and then he sat on SwingDaddy's lap, occasionally pitching in the extra keystroke. Later, Lady O and I collaborated on "Message in a Bottle," while Q sat on my lap, doing his best to "help." Let me tell you, two extra little hands make things a lot more challenging.

We just watched the movie Memento, which was impressive in its construction, even if we don't really know quite what happened. Leonard, the main character, has a memory problem, and the story is told in reverse. SwingDaddy pointed out that since I always like to know what's going to happen next, that should be a good setup for me. Leonard has tattooed the most important clues about his life on his skin, and carries around slips of paper and photographs to remind him of key people and events.

As I sat down to write tonight, I looked at the scribbled notes for blog post ideas and the pile of business cards, post-its, and snapshots, and wondered if I'm in the same shape as the protagonist. How's your memory doing?


Mamacita Tina said...

Memento was a great movie, loved how they approached the memory loss. My memory, not so good. I need to take notes on things we need at the store and need to get done, otherwise, well, you know.

I'm really out of touch, not familiar with any of the games you mentioned.

Lady M said...

My quote is, "If I don't write it down, it didn't happen."

Hmm, maybe that's why I blog now. ;)

Jenny said...

My memory is shot. That's why I write EVERYTHING down.

By the way, how do we know each other and how do I get back home?