Monday, February 12, 2007

Fairy Tale Princess Hair

During an interminable meeting at work, I sat next to a woman with the most beautiful hair. I've admired it from afar in other meetings, but this time, we were there for three hours and I had plenty of time to discreetly observe. It was long and blond with perfectly shaped, tumbled curls like a princess from a fairy tale. If I'd seen it on a red carpet starlet, I would have assumed hours of hot rollers, hairspray and careful highlights.

I'm sure this lady did none of those. Judging by how she was dressed, with not a speck of makeup and wearing a comfortable sweater under a company logo vest, this is how her hair actually looks, without effort. So much of what is labeled beauty in our society is artificial, that it's breathtaking when you see the real thing.

By the way, she comes armed with formidable business and technical skills too, which is why it's fun to work with her, and not just her hair.

Hair's been on the brain lately, with the bright colored wigs we're preparing for the show. Three of my dancers had their hair cut short to donate to cancer patient wigs, and one of them has almost grown it long enough again to make a second donation. What a lovely thing to do!

Another friend told me later that she wished could do the same. Her hair grows very slowly these days. I pointed out that she had already donated her hair to cancer – the hard way. She's survived three times and thrived, thanks to good medicine, ruthless determination, and luck.


Sassy said...

i have always longed for that long, delightfully curly hair...

until my roommate freshman year had it! poor girl would wake up with a rat's nest atop her head. she had to fight and condition and coax it into following the rules and not poking people's eyes out!

dancing dragon said...

I wish I had thought to donate my hair when it was really long a while back before cutting it. Hopefully I'll grow it long enough again.

I am so much in awe of that ruthless determination you mentioned.

Lady M said...

Sassy - I love looking at those waves too! Mostly, I'm pretty happy with my own hair. It will be a challenge to get under a wig this weekend for the show though!

Dancing Dragon - That lady is an amazing survivor, isn't she!