Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cirque du SuperBowl

Instead of embarking on the outdoors adventure I had planned, Q and I stayed home this morning, making sure that his croup recovery was going well. He was very huggy, which I enjoyed, and a little more stubborn than usual, which I didn't. He made off with a bottle of Motrin at one point, doing his darndest to defeat the child-proof cap. Yummy infant Motrin. Good cap design, by the way.

After SwingDaddy finished his bike race, we were joined by a few of our non-parent-of-toddler friends for the SuperBowl. It was a bummer to miss Q's little pals and their folks, so we will have to plan another get-together when everyone is healthy. For those of you following along with the fate of the chocolate covered strawberries, they did get eaten, and not all by me.

The same friends who brought the crack noodles to an earlier party brought an enormous platter of deli meats, due to a complicated overpurchasing situation at their own household. I managed to make enough take-away packets that many people will be well fed for the week.

The Cirque du Soleil pre-game show was as weirdly interesting, with high-flying acrobatics. I think that referees should ride ostriches more often (you had to see it). Prince played at halftime, and I was impressed by his musicianship, as well as his dancers' ability to stay upright in the driving rain. Oh yeah, there was football too, but I wasn't paying much attention. Carrot patrol was more important, since Q was shredding them with his growing mouthful of teeth and distributing them widely.

Stay healthy through the cold and flu season with the Common Cold Soap Dispenser (pictured), as located by Mighty Goods. So cute!


Mamacita Tina said...

Always a bummer to not see the playmates. Ian had to stay home with me and miss seeing his little friend Riley. But Laurel got to go and be abused, she came back with two lovely scratches. Getting into cat fights already! Boy they start young.

I missed the pregame show, but saw Prince, good show.

ewe are here said...

I almost made it through the first quarter of the game...but it was too much for me and I went to bed. (UK time, so on rather late over here.)

Love the cold soap dispenser!

Lady M said...

Mamacita tina - Hey, there's supposed to be a lot of trash talking on SuperBowl Sunday, but Laurel is pretty precocious to get into a fight already. ;)

Ewe are here - I was in the room for the game, but must admit I didn't watch that much of it!

Kimberly said...

I skipped the whole mess and caught Prince on YouTube later. Man, I love living in the 21st Century.

Too bad Q was sick. I hope he's up to entertaining soon.