Thursday, February 08, 2007

Acquiring Questionable Skills.

Dude, just because you've learned how to climb on top of the sofa doesn't mean that it's a good idea.

Q has also figured out that if he sticks his feet between the wooden slats of his crib, he can push the crib away from the wall. He takes great pleasure in this new skill.
On the right side of the top picture, you can just see the edge of two picture frames. Here's a closer view.

SwingDaddy and I flew to Austin a few years ago for the Ride for the Roses, a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer survivorship. I volunteered for the event, he rode 100 miles, and we met a lot of great people who had also been affected by cancer in their lives.

SwingDaddy got to meet Lance, thank him for his inspirational work, and get these two jerseys signed. The framed photo is of Lance (left) and SwingDaddy riding together – they were talking about the not-yet-born Q right at the moment the picture was taken!


Mamacita Tina said...

Wow, great cause, great memory!

Ian's pretty cautious about climbing things, but Laurel, ah Laurel, she's going to give me heart attacks.

Bob said...

Nice framing.

K goose blog said...

oh my gosh - i can't believe the power in those feet. I am not ready to give up the crib.

Queso said...

Extremely cool!

Oh, and Q's mad climbing and feet skils are great too.

And I'm taking that wisdom and applying it to my own life...just because I CAN eat 12 hot fudge sundaes doesn't mean I should. Wise words.

Lady M said...

Mamacita tina - It is indeed one of our favorite memories.

Bob - thanks for getting the framing design done for us. :)

K Goose's mom - We're definitely not ready to give up the crib yet either!

Queso - hot fudge, mmmmm.