Sunday, January 07, 2007

These Are Not The Muffins You Are Looking For

The power of suggestion is strong in my family. We don't always get the "right" message from the marketers though.

Do you remember that old anti-drug TV commercial where the camera zoomed on a hand holding a chicken egg. "This is your brain." Then the egg was smashed open on a hot frying pan. "This is your brain on drugs."

After our first family viewing of that, one of us said, "I'm hungry for some eggs."
"Yeah, me too!"
And we all trooped downstairs for scrambled eggs.

Q showed signs of similar tangential food associations this morning while we were entertaining ourselves with one of his new books, featuring Dora the Explorer. Dora's mom shows up in one scene, bearing freshly baked muffins, and Q seized on the moment.

"Muffins! Muffins!" He grabbed my index finger and led me into the kitchen.

"Little Dude, we don't have any muffins. How about some toast?" He was unrelenting. I got out a box of muffin mix and showed him. "We don't have muffins. We'd have to bake them and that takes a while."

I was unable to distract him, so we started baking. He helped wholeheartedly, and surprised me with how he seemed to grasp the delayed outcome. Once we started mixing and stirring, he showed every sign of patience until I took the finished trays out of the oven and he ran over to his chair, jumping up and down. He ate six mini muffins. Yum.

Afterwards, we had an excellent outing to a farmer's market while SwingDaddy was at his bike race. We strolled, looked at the fountain, played with the giant chess set, and shared corn on the cob. It was entirely satisfying to sit on a little bench together in the sunshine, munching away.


Mamacita Tina said...

This reminds me of a time back in high school at a friend's sleep over. We were watching a PopTart commercial during Saturday morning cartoons. Next thing I know, we all jump in the car, rush to the store and buy several boxes!

What a beautiful day your family got to enjoy! Corn on the cob, always a treat.

Mir said...

The fact that you can 1) go to a farmer's market and 2) eat (good) corn on the cob in JANUARY is making me cry, just a little. C'mon, dontcha miss the good ol' days in NY? The three feet of snow, the sub-zero temps? No?

(Of course, we're having record warm temps on the east coast right now, but everyone is sick because our regularly scheduled germ kill-off hasn't happened....)

bubandpie said...

Once again, she strikes with the blogpost title! Awesome.

Jenny said...

That looks like the best day ever.

Seriously...I wish I was there.

Waya said...

That's too funny! At this stage in my pregnancy, EVERYTHING looks good too.

Girl con Queso said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds like (and looks like) the perfect day.

ewe are here said...

I had to go to the mall to have muffins with my little one today. Inside. Because it's cold and wet here at the moment. Sigh.

I want your weather.

Karianna said...

Oooh, I am a sucker for food when mentioned on TV too, but usually not the food being advertised.

Kristen said...

What an awesome day. I love that Q was so insistent about the muffins. My kind of kid! :-)

Lady M said...

It was indeed a great day, and I wish you cold-weather folks could join us for some sunshine. Maybe you could bring a snowman with you!