Monday, January 22, 2007

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

It took a couple of weekends, but I caught up with one much-neglected duty of this digital age: Getting photos printed. It's all too common for the average camera-wielder to store thousands of pictures on the home computer, but not actually have any framed or tucked in an album to share. Does it matter? To the Millenials (formerly called Generation Y), probably not. But it's well documented that I like hard copy.

A hefty box of our prints arrived a few days ago, stuffed with hundred of examples of Q's wonderfulness, since aside from our Christmas cards, I hadn't done a print run since August. Shame! We had such a backlog that Snapfish gave us an 8x10 for free as a thank-you. I also made a backup CD of our favorite prints to send to my parents for safekeeping at the other end of California. I figure if an earthquake takes out the entire state, we'll have bigger problems than losing images if Q eating corn.

In other news, I finally feel like part of the club! I got my very first spam solicitation from Nigeria.

Compliment of the season to you, it’s my respected pleasure to bring it to your understanding that your overdue contract sum has been approved by the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and your attention is needed to finalize this urgent matter.


P.S. There were no Polaroids involved in our pictures, but we just finished watching Idlewild, which features Outkast in the two lead roles. So I couldn't resist. Hey, a Netflix that we watched in a mere two weeks!


L. said...

A librarian friend of mine (who works in an esoteric realm of library-ness I didn't even know existed prior to knowing her) was talking to me about the preserving of images a while back. She says the best way to preserve images is hard copy - i.e. pictures!

It makes perfect sense. The technology is changing so quickly. What will you do with all those pictures stored on memory sticks when memory sticks are as obsolete as box cameras?

So - printing them up is what the experts recommend. Well done!

L. said...

Oh, this is MaryP, BTW. Blogger2 is signing me in as L...

K goose blog said...

Amazing how easy it is to get behind on printing photos.

Excited to hear you will be received 10 million USD after you provide them with all bank and credit card account numbers. Think of the prints you will be able to order.

Suzanne said...

We are also guilty of hoarding our digital photos; right now the prospect of printing them is fairly daunting. But I like having a tangible photograph as opposed to series of bytes on a computer.

Mom101 said...

You inspire me - yes, I'm one of those well-intentioned but busy (lazy?) types with a truckload of photos on my iPhoto and zip in the albums.

I can't believe that was your first ever Nigerian email. Wait for the flood. Then read "Tuedays with Mantu," written by a friend of a friend documenting his hilarious exchanges with them.

Mamacita Tina said...

Totally know what you mean, we haven't printed sine October, not quite as bad as you guys, but close. I would love to scrapbook, but I can't find time to print pictures. I'm lucky to find time to just throw them into albums.