Monday, January 29, 2007

Reunited with the Vacuum

SwingDaddy and Q are home safely, and I am rescued from making unsupervised and exceptionally poor decisions such as buying an entire bag of Cheetos. Ick. Sadly, I've discovered that I don't even like Cheetos anymore. Too salty and overly cheesy.

SwingDaddy convinced me that it was fine to make a late run to Trader Joe's because Q need more organic YoBaby Yogurt, and happen to pick up their cheese crunchies, which look just like Cheetos but aren't as greasy. And then he took the Cheetos off my hands. What would I do without him?

Q, in the meantime, is reunited with his main vacuum and is supremely content.


Mamacita Tina said...

It's always like Christmas again when they return home after being away for a few days. Their toys seem new again to them.

Funny how our tastes change.

Her Bad Mother said...

WB is a big vacuum fan, too - tho' she prefers the Dust Buster to the upright.

Sassy Belle said...

dude, if he still loves to vacuum by the time he's off to college, he'll be loved by all the ladies who value that sort of thing. cleanliness, and so on.

silly girls. cute boy. ;-)