Sunday, January 28, 2007

Overcoming Elmo

As you may recall, Q was pretty freaked out by his first encounter with TMX Elmo and kept him in a box for days before venturing to take him out. We've left the power turned off since then, and Q's been pretty content to play with Elmo as a regular, non-speaking, non-convulsive toy.

Earlier this week, he was fiddling with the power switch on Elmo's foot and triggered the tickle-seizure fest. Q was so startled that he burst into tears. I quickly turned off Elmo, picked up the kiddo and hugged him tight.

"It's ok honey!"

I was hoping this was what Lara's classes call a "teachable moment," and got out one of his old favorites, the Mozart music cube, which has a similarly sized power switch. We practiced turning it on. The music works! We turned it off. No music. On – music. Off – no music.

That made perfect sense to him, so we moved to scarier territory. We turned Elmo on and let him thrash a bit. Q's eyes got big and watery.

"Look, it's ok! You can turn Elmo off." On. Off. He smiled weakly back at me. We'll probably need a few more practice rounds, but I think he's getting used to Elmo, and knowing he has the power to make Elmo stop by turning him off.

Wish all problems were like that.


YF said...

that is some good parenting there! i hope your boys are home soon. i am sure you miss them so much. also, good thinking on going it alone for the work trip. i am sure that you will all be better off for it!

Sassy Belle said...

yeah, dude, we should all be alarmed by an epileptic furry red creature with speech impediments.

i'm just saying!

your boy is on to something! :-)

K goose blog said...

Tough call on Orlando - but good call. We just decided to leave K with our rockstar grandmas for two weddings we are in later this summer. No fun to wait for us while we go to rehearsal dinners etc... Figuring out who to take - hire someone there. it is just too hard.

Hope you had some nice time with the boys gone. Amazing how different it is.

Good luck with work -sounds crazy.

Glad to elmo is becoming almost ok.

Mocha said...

Next up, you'll be writing a parenting book. ;-)

Mamacita Tina said...

Great way to handle that! I need to remember that technique. Seems like those teachable moments occur often with toddlers/preschoolers.