Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year, A New Alphabet

Q's current version of the alphabet song, which must be performed loudly for proper effect:

A – B – C – D – E – F – G
H – I – J – K
Ama Ama P
Q – R – S
T – U – V
W – X
Y and Z

Grandmas (Amas) who are reading this – you are being called!

There are so many things that have happened in the last day, week, month, that I feel like I'm never going to catch up and capture them in writing. I just have little scraps with scribbled words for future posts. A sampling:

A reflective piece on how life and love are fragile, and how grateful I am to have both. A second reflection on how life and love are strong. A third post thinking forward about goals for the next year, for the next four years.

I have frivolous stories about how Q learned to sing Happy Birthday to Mama, tear into wrapping paper with gusto, and draw at his new little table and chair. I was going to post pictures of the collection of Christmas ornaments that we didn't get to put up this year. Show my eco-friendly gift bags. Share the adorable chocolate mice that arrived as a surprise last week.

Instead, today was mostly about doing rather than writing and thinking. About living our lives together, because that's what's most important. We washed and cleaned, sorted and filed, ate good food, saw friends, and prepared for a fresh new year.


I might still get to those other topics someday, and in the meantime, had a bit of fun with a theme that Solo Mom and others have been writing. Here are the first sentences of the first post of each month of the year. I fudged a little bit and didn't include paragraphs explaining the Perfect Post project, since those were often written on the first day of the month. And sometimes I included more than one sentence. But hey, who's counting?

Q in December 2005

March 5, 2006: One year ago today, I gave birth to our son, Q. SwingDaddy and I can hardly believe that in one year's time, he's already quadrupled his size, runs around the house, and shows a distinct preference for toys with buttons.

April 1: SwingDaddy and I saw a video clip on about an upper-class family in New York City that has hired a Mandarin speaking nanny to take care of their little blonde girl.

May 1: Q and I blazed through a stack of books this evening.

June 1: The school down the street has a small playground, usually occupied by big kids (kindergarteners). Q and I took a walk tonight and found it empty, waiting for us to play.

July 1: I took Q to the Farmers' Market again this morning, and he discovered the free samples that the farmers and vendors offer.

August: Please don't call Child Protective Services. This post has nothing to do with the actual application of either VELCRO (TM) or Telfon (TM) to a baby.

September 1: Q woke really early this morning, and I went to liberate him from the crib. He looked a little groggy so I lay down on the couch in his room, wrapped my arms around him, and tried to convince him to doze a little longer.

October 1: Q is starting to display his imagination. Yesterday, he took bites out of his toast so that he had a sort of wing shape, and made motor noises as he pretended to fly it overhead. "Epi, epi!" (Airplane). Then he pushed his toast across the table and said, "Bus!"

November 1: This is a long winded and not entirely necessary introduction to my thought of the day (which is actually about choosing to call oneself an artist), so skip a few paragraphs if you're not so easily amused.

December 1: I just woke up from a six hour nap.

I don't think I can conclude anything substantial from the text, but perhaps I should work on more exciting opening sentences.

Happy New Year!


Mayberry said...

I might have to go back and reread that velcro/teflon one! Happy new year to the whole nupboard family.

Bob said...

It's a big step to see Q play by himself with his toys and talk up a story line at the same time during this visit. Imagination sets in.

Mamacita Tina said...

Ha, that August entry was pretty intriguing. You definitely have a theme going on for the year: Q. Happy New Year!

Fun idea to post about.

Lady M said...

I'm definitely going to work on better opening sentences.

dancing dragon said...

Commenting on an old post, but I thought this was funny because I remember my younger sister singing the exact same version of the alphabet.