Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Napping Game

It's like a somnambulist version of Red Light, Green Light. This morning, Q and I played quietly to allow SwingDaddy to catch a little extra sleep. The little dude took my hand and led me from the sofa. "Mama nap," he said.

I lay down on the play mat next to him, followed his lead and pretended to be asleep.

"Wake up!" he chirped. When did he learn that phrase? I looked up and made a silly face. He giggled and told me, "Nap!"

We both put our heads back down, and he made snoring noises. Wake up! Nap. Wake up! Nap. A truly excellent early morning game, courtesy of Q.

We had another run with the dishwasher unloading, resulting in just one casualty – a dropped bowl due to a faulty transfer from his hands to mine. No licking of or sneezing on dishes today, by either of us.

Nanny J and her husband treated Q to dinner at their new house last night while SwingDaddy, Lady O, and I went out (separate post on that – front row tickets to see our favorite ice show!). Q gave me the report, including the mystifying statement, "Baby hammer, bang, bang!" We're going to have to ask about it Monday when we see her again.

In other news, SwingDaddy and I had been separately been told our managers that we wouldn't be needed at a big tradeshow in Orlando that our company attends. Thank heavens, because it goes over Q's birthday, and it'd be a pain for either of us to operate solo for a week, but even more challenging for us to be on the road at the same time.

Well, Friday afternoon at 3pm, I was told I'd be launching a product at that show. And an hour later, SwingDaddy was told he'd be running a demo there. Looks like we might as well dress the kiddo in company colors and teach him how to pitch product. Birthday party at DisneyWorld, anyone?


landismom said...

I love the fake snoring noise--it's one of my most favorite little kid noises! Too bad about your trip, that does sound like a lot to juggle at once.

Lara said...

bubs and i used to play that game on the mat. though it wasn't "nap" for us, it was just "time to sleep!" and "time to wake up!" of course, at the time, the entire verbal portion of the game fell to me, but now he can be a much more active participant. :)

sorry to hear about the trip timing, but disneyworld is awfully cool...

Mamacita Tina said...

What a cute game idea, thank you Q! Ian and I love to play red light, green light, we'll have to try the napping game.

Birthday in Disneyworld can't be too terrible for Q.

Jenny said...

Love it!

PS. Hailey has the pink Roby horse. She lays on it the same way. :)

Lady M said...

We're hoping that the trip will end up being a fun family trip, as well as work. We shall see how the planning turns out.

Jenny - A pink horse! They must meet.