Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Future's So Bright*

*10 points to Gryffindor if you can name the band and the rest of the song title without Googling.

I heard a tidbit on the radio for all you Target fans. When they cut prices, check whether the last penny is a "4." For instance, "$5.24" will be the final price and it won't be reduced further. Sadly, it's not so useful for me, because I usually can't get out to the store often enough, even if I know something will go on sale later.

Speaking of purchases, I got a new phone – a Motorola RAZR! I'm really happy with it. When I make a phone call, I can hear what the other person is saying. That's really cool in my book.

The company-assigned Treo just didn't work out. It wasn't easy to manipulate the keys, even for someone with small fingers like me. I couldn't hear the people I called and they often couldn't hear me. The keyboard unlock function required me to hit an extra button every time I needed to do something on the device, yet when it was in my purse, random movement would set off speed dials.

Worst of all, it hit me with a "stylus check" when I was on the freeway! Sometimes I'll get the phone all ready in the car – handset plugged in, phone number dialed, so that when a conference call starts, I just have to hit one button and not take my eyes off the road. One afternoon, I did just that, but the stupid thing requested that I tap my stylus in four spots on the screen to confirm input accuracy. On the freeway. Right. I think that's the only time I've ever thrown a phone on the floor in anger.

Since the IT department couldn't get the email function to work and the actual phone functionality was pretty poor, it was time to move on. I haven't even changed the generic ringtone yet, and I already like it better. The only problem is that it isn't red, but SwingDaddy is looking into some red cases for me.

Now I just have to figure out how to give the Treo back to IT. On my last help call, the agent denied knowledge of how to hand in the device. "I thought you guys support this thing! You mailed it to me."

"Actually, we don't really support it."

No kidding.

Yay, new phone!


Mamacita Tina said...

Amazing that something as "simple" as a phone affects us so.

Mir said...

I gotta wear shades!

(Timbuk 3, baybee)

Mayberry said...

Ah, Mir beat me to it. Glad you've got a phone that lets you use it now!

wayabetty said...

Yay for a cell phone that actually works. My hubbie has the BlackBerry and it works pretty well. That thing is so addicting that when we were on vacation, I was using to read blogs. But it comes in handy when you nd to Google a restaurant, etc...

Girl con Queso said...

That would be Timbuk3 from Austin, Texas.

Yay new phone...next, the red iPhone. No, there's not a red one; but there should be.

Lady M said...

Oh yeah, gotta wear shades!

ewe are here said...

My phone is pink; it keeps my husband from borrowing it when he misplaces his. :-)

And who knew about the Target pricing scheme?