Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Food on the Brain

I have a complicated relationship with food, but not for the stereotypical reasons. Mostly, I forget to eat at the right times and then get very tired. Fortunately, SwingDaddy has been in charge of our eating for the last ten years and it's worked out well. Three food-related shorts today.

A couple of nights ago, I took the last piece of quesadilla of the fridge and started heating it up.

"Are you still eating that 'dilla from Baja Fresh?" asked SwingDaddy.

"Yeah, it's fed me for three days now!"

We small eaters may get teased, but we are certainly cost efficient. Well, except for the times we have a blood sugar crash and end up spending $13.67 for a pretzel and a Coke at the airport snack bar. Not that it's happened to me or anything, I'm just saying.

Can I tell how much I just love my new slotted spoon? It sounds really silly, but now that we've added it to the kitchen arsenal, I can't believe the quality-of-life difference it's made in cooking dinner. You can get all the pasta out of the pot without dragging out a lot of water; you can separate soups; all kinds of excellent tasks for just $5.99.


Q helps me unload the dishwasher frequently, and we hit a milestone this weekend. We had a complete unload without any casualties! Usually, there is at least one glass that gets licked or plate that gets sneezed upon, and they have to go back into the wash. I never thought that saying, "Please don't lick that" would be such a part of my vocabulary.


Mamacita Tina said...

Ian use to help me unload the dishwasher, usually by dropping a glass. We had to change to plastic.

penelopeto said...

bee insists on helping me empty the dishwasher. i figure she should be cooking us dinner by time she's three.

Lady M said...

All our little helpers! I agree - they should start cooking soon.

All our plates and bowls are the supposedly unbreakable Corelle. They've been good so far. I've managed to unload the actual glasses faster than he can get to them. Not sure how much longer that will last before we need to move to plastic too!