Monday, January 15, 2007

An Exchange of Turtles


Blearily, I reach over to Q's outstretched hand and take the terry cloth duck.


I'm lying on the sofa in his room, hoping to catch a few more winks, but he's pretty insistent. I take the frog.


Does he ever speak without exclamation points? Yes, but not in the early morning, unfortunately. I take the fish.

"Diffwent fish!"

He wants to exchange the fish he's given me for another one that he's holding. Then I get the turtle, and later the piglet rattle. The entire miniature menagerie that he keeps in his crib has been systematically evacuated. I now have a pile of creatures beside me and I know what's coming next.

"Up! Milk!"

No more stalling – it's time to get up, and another fine day begins.

We had a bunch of Q's little friends and their moms over to play, and they thoroughly enjoyed the fine collection of toys assembled by our parents and siblings. The toddlers hotly debated ridership of the bouncy horse while we parents exchanged news. I can't believe how big and sophisticated the kids are getting.

Q takes care of his mount after a busy day.


Mir said...

Mmmm... everyone knows Rodys love plastic tomatoes! :)

wayabetty said...

My "staller" is my 6 y/o if he's home, I'd send him in to see his sister while I get some more zz's. They're good for something.

YF said...

sorry we missed out on the fun! btw, i have tried many times to stall and you just described a much more successful attempt then one that I have ever made... good job!

Mamacita Tina said...

That is one awesome looking horse!

With Ian I can stall, with Laurel, no way! She is VERY demanding.

K goose blog said...

thanks for having us over!

K said that was one her favorite parts of her day with mommy. We are quite impressed with your toy colleciton

Lady M said...

I'm hoping he'll be content to pass along the little animals for a bit longer. Sometimes I can get another 20 minutes to doze. :)