Saturday, January 27, 2007

Boy, Is it Quiet Around Here

Or more accurately, it's "No Boys, So It's Quiet Around Here."

SwingDaddy and Q are in Denver this weekend, enjoying the rest of the visit that was truncated by the crazy storms at Christmastime. This is what I've been doing since they've been gone:

1) Working like crazy. Things have exploded at the office, making it too tricky for me to take a vacation just now.

2) Eating Cheerios. Since the oat smell is annoying to SwingDaddy, I try not to indulge when he's around.

3) Leaving our home office door open, since the small person who loves buttons isn't here to attack the computers.

4) Leaving my shoes by the door with no worry that that same small person will distribute them about the house.

5) Going to musical theater with my sister and friends.

6) Attempting to clean my closets, although this is not likely to get completed.

7) Waiting anxiously to pick them up from the airport! Miss them boys.


Jenny said...

You're able to leave your shoes out and not have them show up in the pantry later? I can't even imagine it!

wayabetty said...

Yippee for some quiet time alone. With 3.5 kids, I treasure just 20 minutes of time to myself, which is rare.

Mamacita Tina said...

Wow, time to yourself. A wonderful thing, and yet we miss them when they're away, don't we?