Friday, December 15, 2006

Working on those Acting Skills

Q's music and gymnastic classes are over until January and it's been rainy outside, so Nanny J has been coming up with different outings. They headed to the library for Mother Goose Hour earlier this week, even though it was technically the story session for "Pre-Walkers."

There was a three-year old there who ran up to the teacher and repeatedly tried to take her puppet and books. The teacher dismissed him from the class as kindly as possible since he was distracting from the babies, who were the official pupils.

Apparently, Q sat quietly, not making a peep, so he got to enjoy all the stories. He and Nanny J pretended that he was also a "pre-walker" and hid his tell-tale dirty shoes.

The next day, they went to Mother Goose Hour for the toddler set, and the new teacher was rather dull, so Q and his mobile compatriots ran all over the room while the parents tried to corral them. Kids are a tough audience.

Her Bad Auction closes on Sunday, so head over there soon!


Mamacita Tina said...

If you're going to read to an audience of any age, you must be entertaining and engage your listeners. Funny to watch story time at Ian's tot class we attend. Maybe three kids will sit before the teacher, some cuddle with their parents, most run and chase each other. HA!

Anonymous said...

Rhyme Time! at my local library is for toddlers and Rhyme Time! is incredibly loud. They read stories and then yell rhymes. It keeps the little monsters focused!

sunshine scribe said...

Kids are a tough audience!! He sounds like he knows what he likes :)

Mocha said...


I miss the pre-walker days. Even the days that Q is in right now with dirty shoes and all. That was such a fun time.

Lucky you!

Lady M said...

Rhyme Time sounds terrific! Our library teachers vary in quality week to week. Some are very engaging, and others, not so much. The music class probably has the best teacher, but that one isn't free like the library!