Saturday, December 02, 2006

What is the Best Way to Get a Carseat on the Airplane?

We're anticipating our first plane trip since Q was five months old, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get a carseat on the airplane. We've bought him his own seat, in hopes of easier containment of his energy, so it looks like there are several options:

1) Haul carseat around the airport and on the plane. Cost: Free, except for chiropractic bills later.

2) Buy a carseat cover that has wheels. Cost $30.

3) Buy a Gogo Kidz wheelie thing (pictured) that makes the carseat into a kind of temporary stroller. Cost $89 or rental for $30.

4) Buy a harness and check the carseat as baggage. It's a neat idea, but we're not flying American Airlines, and it's unclear whether any other airlines accept the harness. Also, it might not be safe for under-2's. Cost $75.

I think I like option 3 best – the Gogo Kidz device. Let me know if you have any thoughts or experiences to share!

Check it out, Lady M actually cooks - an event that must be documented! I wrapped a bunch of potstickers for a holiday potluck we're attending tomorrow, so they're all neatly arranged, waiting to be cooked. SwingDaddy made fudge. Yum.


Mamacita Tina said...

You are smart for putting Q in a carseat on the plane. Obviously safer, but it will also save your sanity! Energetic toddlers need their own space and are more likely to relax and fall asleep in their carseat. Option 3 seems very smart, so you don't have to take the stroller onto the plane, just the carseat.

Mir said...

Ummmm... if you're both flying with him, I guess I don't see the big deal about carrying the carseat. I once flew alone with an infant and a toddler and carried a carseat, a diaper bag, the toddler's backpack, and oh yeah... the infant. ;) I wouldn't recommend THAT, but two adults and a self-ambulating child? Carrying a carseat isn't a big deal.

sunshine scribe said...

Fancy cooking my dear. Well done.

Carseat is a good idea. When my son was the same age we didn't do it but wish we had of. I think option 3 makes best sense too.

Jenny said...

Ooh...option 3 looks awesome.

I flew with Hailey once and we did the no car seat thing. I missed the carseat.

A lot.

Anonymous said...

There is also this option Monica

It seems like a cheaper idea than forking out $80.

mayberry said...

You two are definitely invited to my next party.

As for the plane, you can even strap the seat to one of those wheelie deals that are meant for luggage. Or depending on what kind of stroller you have/are bringing, you might be able to rig up some kind of bungee situation that way too.


Waya said...

I know you won't forget but just in case, don't forget your stroller. We went on a trip last April and I packed everything except the kitchen sink but forgot the stroller for the 3 kids. So we had to purchase one at Target when we got to San Diego. But it's the best stroller we have had so far.

And those dumplings look absolutely delish!! Yummy in my tummy!!

Anonymous said...

I recently took my 18-mo son on a many legged plane trip from Hawaii to Montana through Denver and myself...
I used a thing called the pac back! They sell it at (might be what that other link is to-it didn't work for me!) I loved this gizmo! It balances the carseat evenly from your hips and shoulders so it doesn't feel any heavier than a backpack! Easy on and off straps and just made my trip a breeze! Many airlines don't alow those harnesses, I don't know why they are still sold!
I would still take the stroller, but gate check it... Q will need somewhere to sit and eat- there's no fear of him getting lost in a busy airport, and you can hang your other bags on it...
good luck!

Andrew's mommy said...

M-lady, I replied to your email from our group list, but maybe you didn't get it. You're welcome to use our Gogo-Kidz since we're driving for X-mas. It's great to get around the airport but there are 2 downsides - the carseat doesn't fit down the aisle so you do need to carry it there, and you need to take the wheels off to get the carseat to fit through the x-ray machine. With that said, you are welcome to try it and you can always check the wheels in the suitcase on the way back if you hate them. :)

Lady M said...

Thank you for all the ideas! I am overthinking this, huh.

Andrew's Mommy - I didn't get your email. Thank you for your generous offer!