Friday, December 01, 2006

Serious Nappage

I just woke up from a six hour nap. After staying up way too late last night to (almost) finish transitioning between jobs (got through over 1000 emails!), chasing after Q all week, and being a little under the weather, I was a pretty incoherent at dinner, and SwingDaddy sent me to bed. I woke up six hours later. Thanks, SwingDaddy!

I've started sorting through photos from our Thanksgiving holiday, and here are a few from our Wild Animal Park visit with my parents.

Big lizard! Watch your toes.

Lions in their natural habitat. In a safari vehicle recently emptied of its occupants.

A family of okapi, who look like a costume designer's fever dream.

With the long neck, I think this deer comes from the watery planet of Camino, where Obi-wan found the clone army.

Flamingos are beautiful, but pretty weird looking too. Check out the one that's kneeling.

Speaking of weird, this sign is worthy of Jenny's Bring Out Your Weird Contest. It says, "Stuff Your Own Furry Friend," which sounds like a child taxidermy class, but is probably just some Build-a-Bear type project.

It was a fun day.


Kimberly said...

I never knew Okapi were actually real! I thought they were in the same genus as the Unicorn and the Snipe. Very cool!

And SwingDaddy rocks. (Although I'm a wee bit jealous.)

Mamacita Tina said...

6 hours of sleep, excellent!

Flamingos' legs always look broken to me.