Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Renaming of Elmo, Plus Raspberry Cake

A selection of passing thoughts.

The famous Dooce agrees with Q. Their TMX Elmo has been dubbed with the pretty fabulous name of Grand Mal Seizure Elmo. Q is actually quite fond of carrying around Elmo and has forgiven him the twitching, so we're not sure whether we should just continue leaving the power switch off. It might make for a more peaceful household.

Do you remember how I wrote about the company that was too busy to send me a account statement for six months, yet managed to send me a holiday calendar? Two days later, I received a packet with all the paperwork. Coincidence? Yes, since there's no way they know I blog, but it's still pretty funny.

More on the mystery of the calendar highlights: An alert friend at the VA points out that Veterans Day in the USA is technically November 11, but observed with closures on the 12th this year. To become better informed see the FAQ on Veteran's Day at

Overheard in the kitchen.
SwingDaddy: There's too much raspberry mousse cake for the two of us to finish tonight.
Lady M: Is that a dare?


Karianna said...

Raspberry mousse cake! I would gladly take that dare.

Mamacita Tina said...

I would take that dare, no double or triple dog dare needed.

TMX Elmo scares our kids, only the adults find him amusing.

Kristen said...

That cake looks amazing. I think I'm obsessed with it.

Lady M said...

One piece of cake left . . .