Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Middling Amount of Snow Would Have Been Nicer

Last Wednesday, two feet of snow dumped on the Rockies within 24 hours. Between United and Frontier Airlines, 220,000 passengers were stranded, and an estimated 4,700 travelers slept at the Denver airport last Wednesday night, huddling under relief blankets and making shelters from cardboard. We were supposed to fly there the next day. Needless to say, we didn't.

Four days later, we arrived without incident, aside from a 40 minute delay when the plane ahead of us couldn't get traction in the snow and had to be towed. Actually, I suppose it's a four day and 40 minute delay, but since we were stuck here in California with all the comforts of home, we counted ourselves fortunate.

And just 'cuz I'm the oddball person you know who flew on both September 11 and Christmas Day this year and can share this information with you – there were way, way, way more people at the airport at 4:30am on December 25 than at rush hour on 9/11.

The best side effect of the weather was that Q got to play in the snow and help make his first real snowman. Once we put on his snowpants, thick jacket, gloves, hat, and the cutest little boots ever, he was so bundled up he could hardly walk. That didn't keep him from sweeping up around the snowman though.

We had a lovely visit with SwingDaddy's folks and all agreed that even though our visit was so shortened, time with children can be very intense. It sure felt like we packed in a lot of activity.

Q has become quite a demanding maestro, handing out drums and guitars and expecting us to accompany his increasing sophisticated choreography. We're hoping to be able to retire on his artistic career any day.

We made it safely home this afternoon and Q is now enjoying the attention of my folks. Q is one lucky kid. More accurately, we're one lucky family.


Mayberry said...

Glad you're home...'cause I hear it's snowing in Denver again!

fourthbreakfast said...

What did the message in the snow finally spell out?

Lady M said...

The snow message says, "I Heart DIA" (Denver International Airport).

Bob said...

First snow for Q. Yaaa

Karianna said...

Glad you are safe!

ewe are here said...

Luckily we didn't plan to fly anywhere ourselves; half of our airports were 'fogged in' over here!

Glad you had a lovely holiday!

Sassy Student said...

one of my friends, from here in the sunny south where it was 60 degrees (F) the day before Christmas is moving to Denver. All I can do is buy him some mittens and say a prayer!

and Q. is precious. as always.

(but I'm still considering that sexy, chocolate covered fruit basket.)

Mamacita Tina said...

Of course Q has a broom! Wow, look at all that snow. So glad I don't live in it, and can just visit it with a little bit of driving.

Jenny said...

Those pictures! So, so cute!