Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm a Kung Fu Boy

Q tries out a few new moves this evening.

Bubandpie provided the key information for yesterday's puzzle. The mysteriously highlighted calendar shows both US and Canadian holidays. July 1 is Canada Day and July 4 is well, the Fourth of July. November 11 is Remembrance Day (Canada) and November 12 is Veteran's Day (US). Thanks!

I made the conversion over to the New Blogger (formerly known as Blogger Beta). I like the drag and drop template feature, but I'm pretty bummed to lose the automatic "previous posts" list on my sidebar when I converted my template. I spend some effort in making interesting titles to tempt you to read older posts, and now they don't get seen.

My sidebar links no longer open into a new tab and oddly, a number of comments are now labeled Anonymous, even though I saw who posted them this morning, when I was still using Old Blogger. Hopefully this will get sorted out shortly.

While I'm having non sequitur day, here's another public service announcement (yes, the unexpected extra days at home are letting me catch up with things I've been meaning to do for ages): Order your credit report at

By US law, you get one free report for each of the three credit reporting companies per year, so get your TransUnion report now, and put Experian in your calendar for May and Equifax for September. That way if something looks wacky, you'll have a regular check while it gets fixed.

And back to our regularly scheduled cuteness.


Mamacita Tina said...

Cuteness is abundant at your house!

We do the free credit reports, just not as often as we should.

You made the switch, brave, brave, soul. I keep thinking I need to, just continue putting it off in the hopes all the bugs get worked out.

bubandpie said...

Did you upgrade your template when you made the switch? On my template, the "Recent Posts" feature has been replaced by a new format for the archives, where all the post titles are visible in the current month. (They're drop-down lists, so you can click on any month to see all the post titles, but when the page loads up, the current month is already open.)

And I agree about your post titles - there's something very memorable about them (which is why I've been known to steal one from time to time!).

Lady M said...

Mamacita tina - Yeah, I was worried about the bugs too, but just bit the bullet yesterday. There are some really nice features, but other problems to get used to (or get fixed!)

Bubandpie - Thanks - I'm glad you like the titles! :) I just switched back to the other archive format (the one you use) so that the titles would show up. I was debating that last night, because my list gets long by the end of the month. Maybe it'll look ok at the bottom of the page!

Kimberly said...

Happy Holidays Lady M! Can't wait to see the Christmas morning pics of Q!

lara said...

i had the problem with comments becoming anonymous as well. i never figured out why, because the problem mostly went away. well, the comments that became anonymous stayed anonymous, but future comments weren't always anonymous. i think it has something to do with how the people sign in for the new version vs. the old.

tali said...

I have a gmail but don't use blogger (yet?). But lately commenting on Lara's blog I select "other" so I can enter my blog's addy where it says "webpage". But it doesn't show up - it just puts my name without a link. I wonder if that will happen here too... Poor blogger, a bit confused.

But thanks for the cute pictures (and the one in the "real" mail as well)! I always appreciate them. =)