Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finishing an Incomplete Story

A couple of days ago, I was really down, exhausted, burdened. I was climbing up four flights of stairs (yes, there's an elevator, but I'm trying to squeeze in a little exercise where I can) hauling my computer bag, heavy coat (because I'm a wimp in this cold, cold California weather), an unwieldy oversized plastic container (used to store snacks in the office to keep them pest free. At a previous job, a mouse jumped out of my file cabinet once, and it took months before I could open a drawer without flinching), some slippery (referring to the quality of the paper, not the content) marketing material, and my leftover lunch, all the while feeling sorry for myself, since I hadn't gotten much sleep in days and I'd visited four separate buildings on campus that day, struggling to find distant parking each time.

I managed to pull myself together, get home, wrap up the evening with SwingDaddy and the kiddo, and started to blog about it.

It occurred to me to review the three rules: Eat well. Sleep more. Keep in touch.

So I had a snack and went to bed.

And woke up feeling much, much better! The world is a good place.

So I had to finish the post today instead.

The End

I've been trying to leave comments for many of you and blogger beta isn't allowing it. I'll try to get moved over to beta this weekend so that I can leave notes when I visit!


Anonymous said...

i highly approve of this story. and the rules. way to go, lady - taking care of yourself and your needs. much love...

mayberry said...

Good rules. I'll have to remember those myself.

Lady M said...

I am all for more naps and more sleeping. :)

Mamacita Tina said...

Most adults neglect the sleep rule. Maybe that's why so many of us are cranky! We're no better than cranky, tired toddlers!

fourthbreakfast said...

I am getting annoyed with beta blogger as well. I've been putting it off because of all the legalese that needs to be read.