Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cher, Christmas Wishes, Legwarmers

Squeezing in one more post of tidbits to get caught up with the latest:

* After years of taking ballet class as a cross-training activity for technique and exercise, and proudly wearing the track pants and tank tops that I wear to my other dance rehearsals, I've finally broken down and bought ballet attire – leg warmers to be exact. It's just too darn cold this winter (don't laugh, I'm a Californian) and my feet and ankles are more sensitive than they were ten years ago. Besides, they're back in style, and I can wear them over my boots like fashion icon Paris Hilton (not, not NOT!).

* It's so cold in my new office building that I've brought in a small blanket and thin gloves so I can still type wearing them. I'm considering one of those microwaveable heat packs, but my colleague has already tackled the facilities department. We'll see if it gets better next week.

* Our Mommy Group had a splendid holiday party at YF's this weekend, and the eleven small children had almost as good a time as the adults. In the car on the way home, Q was practicing a word that we'd been using a lot that evening.

Q: Share? Share? Share?
SwingDaddy: No honey, we're listening to Madonna, not Cher.
Lady M: Don't confuse the child!

* Mamacita Tina has tagged me with the Christmas wish meme, and I was really torn between wishing for peace on earth and universal healthcare, or being more selfish, like wanting more sleep and for Cingular to support the RED Motorola RAZR phone (darn it, why only Sprint?). I suppose the latter to would contribute to the former two, in a convoluted way, so let's just say they are related items. (Sleep would make me happier, leading to more peace in the world. The Product RED project supports AIDS treatment in Africa, which is related to health. Ok, never mind, I'll stop right there.)

* If you're curious how those half-dressed half-mannequins looked from my post a few days ago, I finally got the photo to load here.

* Some of the best moments can be so simple. Sometimes SwingDaddy and I will just sit side by side in bed with our laptops, munching his (Red Vines) and hers (Twizzlers) packets of licorice. We'll compare notes on the news (Slashdot covereage vs CNN), blog, and just hang out. Yeah, we're a geeky household.


Mamacita Tina said...

Universal healthcare and sleep (universal also) would be a good thing. A healthy, alert, non-cranky population on the earth might lead to less fighting.

I love that you and SwingDaddy relax with computers and licorice. Better than in front of a brainwashing television (although, I have to admit there are times I need that, too!).

Anonymous said...

That's too funny about you being the geeky household b/c my hubbie and I would have our own laptop attached to the lap each night and we would IM each other while sitting only 5 feet away. Geeky with the capital G!!